Custom Hash Oil For Your Vape Pen

Abdullah meets up with John Dawson from Kung Fu Vapes to create some unique flavors of hash oil. ‘Marijuana Murder Mystery’ airs Wednesday, 1/18 (Friday, …


  1. I love all the interesting stuff vice does is short, but boring pieces are long and drawn out like a first time comic at a trash can fire… lame.. wanted to see how it’s done so I could do it myself..

  2. They don’t tell you how much they dilute the shit in those pens – dabs, rosin, shatter, wax, shit … even hash are always going to better then those shitty vape cartridges unless you make your own and know how strong it is and know there isn’t some weird ass shit in their

  3. I just blended a whole bottle of blue dream like that with a gram of shatter tasted terrible I don’t even want to smoke it 😂

  4. Damn he is going to burn out the coil. I vape mine at 3.3 volts. I get a little at a time and that’s all the hash oil I need for a few hours.

  5. I hate when people pull really hard on a vape pen and blow it out… You're wasting juice.. Just let it sit and it's wicked… You didnt put PEG in there .. You're wasting distillate

  6. First off… Don't vape… It's not good for you you're inhaling vegetable oil… It can't be good for you. Coconut oil will give you pneumonia

  7. Here we are over a year later and nobody is doing this. I personally would love to add terpines to my hash oil but like most people i have a vape pen that vapes wax. Nobody really needs an e-liquid because of that.

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