1. Dude !! Incredible!! Please tell me what brand you went with!! I have a rottie and a german shephard both fighting lymph node issues. Been giving them oregano oil and frankencense oil in capsules daily for almost 30 days… which is working… but their lumps aren't completely gone. I WANT THEM GONE. Please tell us what brand you used.

  2. Wonderful:) how mad was she at diagnosis? My moms dog just got diagnosed today, first signs of swollen lymph nodes yesterday and she’s been bad for about 2 weeks…

  3. This snake oil BS didn’t do a god dam thing for my dog.I bought into all this BS everything he’s selling,or sold I bought.Only results we got was my dog falling face first like a junkie nodding out from that MOAB BS.

  4. Awesome! I have an almost identical story involving my toy poodle. 3 yrs ago she had a huge tumor behind her eye. It made it look like her eye would pop out of her head. Her vet recommended putting her down. Said "I can't do anything else for her". 4 months after daily ingestion cannabis oil (both high THC and high CBD versions) her tumor was no longer visible. She is still with us today!

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