CRACKDOWN On Cannabis! – The LATEST Government Intrusion

Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest immigration laws regarding cannabis, implemented by the U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) which claims …


  1. Video AUTOMATICALLY demonetized as "hate speech" upon publishing.

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    ~ Josh

  2. I was the king of the world I would get everybody smoking weed LOL provided they still remains productive to pay their taxes the main reason I would allow societies to smoke weed just to pacify them, keep them in perpetual suspended animation and escapism as well as for the purpose to induce paranoia. LMAO 6 6 6

  3. Its difficult to understand why or how one country can impose its laws on the citizens of other countries then prosecute those people. Tyranny at its best.

  4. As a former pothead now sober i can program games better i focus better and im not in this idiot haze i used to be in.I always found stupid reasons to justify pot smoking and associated it with everything from eating to gaming social events and so on. Im not saying its the worst drug out there because it isnt but you could be doing so much more with your money and your mind when its clear. I took up jogging and biking i am also healthier , i weight lift and i am in damn good shape making younger pot heads look like weak ass testosteroneless pussies in sports and over all peak physical condition. You dont need pot nor do you need to be intoxicated with anything its a waste of time money and you screw up your mind with the damage it can do over time. Potheads are always in denial about how they spend money or how unproductive they are. Most potheads have shit jobs or dont even work at all with paranoid tendencies smh some need to grow the fuck up to be real.

  5. The ultimate weapon is to imprison people in a free world. When you're brainwashed you don't know you're brainwashed 😯

  6. ~ I confess, I am immoral and the State of Californias legalization of Cannabis gave me this addiction.

  7. I know more good honest pot heads than a few booze hounds… if you drink too much your moral character is more likely to degrade..

  8. I used to be withdrawl management worker at detox, we would not admit anyone if they were just using pot as there is no withdrawal…

  9. I hate that vids like don't get the views it needs. However ppl like the Kardashians can pull in millions of views. No shade at the Kardashians or anyone in positions of wealth or influence. But then are indivuals going to place a value on themselves?

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