Cory Booker On 2020 Presidential Run, Legalizing Marijuana & Former President Bush's Passing

Senator Cory Booker steps up to Ebro in the Morning to discuss his possible presidential run, legalizing weed in New Jersey, the Kavanaugh hearings, Donald …


  1. Corey..DON"T run. You just don't have it. Cease the bloated opinion you have of yourself, discard the biased opinions of your absurd and misguided boosters and learn to be a credible and respected Senator. We need a true learned and widely respected statesman to lead us…accept that you are NOT that person.

  2. Cory Booker is a camera chancing clown!!! Least we forget that he voted against people getting cheaper prescription medicine from Canada, which makes him a corporate and big Pharma flunky. So how much does he really care about people? Cory, my advise to you is NOT to run for president because black folks will be calling you out son.

  3. Cory Booker wrote of ‘groping’ a high school friend as they ‘fumbled upon a bed’ and issued a call for sexual respect

  4. praise the man's greatness – we are all human. we are all mountain ranges [ peaks and valleys ] , on another note where to get a STARTRACK hoodie that rosenberg is rocking

  5. I can't take this guy or kamala harris serious. They aren't black. They're pretending to be black. They're Obama with ADOS names, but Obama politics. AKA vanilla politics. FOH!

  6. The people who are worst off in America are Black Americans. Not Immigrants, they are not entitled to anything. They got a problem? They need to take it up with their country. Black Americans descendants of Slaves built America and are at the bottom. If this man isn't talking about Reparations then he can  get the fk outta here…..Tired of these chocolate covered black people pretending to care about Black people… He don't give a sh*t.. this is only Aspiration in a suit… Hope this, Hope that. Black people don't need Hope! Been having hope for 400 years.. we need  Policy !!

  7. I agree with what Booker has to say. The true problem is what we willing to do to create the change we want? Whining and bitching aint cutting it. What is the plan of action?

  8. For all the noise these people making trump has not done anything illegal or that warrants him being put into jail or prison. The same can't be said for Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama this man and his corrupt sidekick destroyed the African nation of Lybia this man supported the Saudi led war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen you negroes ain't said ish, you fawning all over this man as if he was Marvin Gaye or Micheal Jackson.

  9. Good grief there are a hellofalot extremely shallow Russian-troll level comments here. Please, read up on the amendment Booker voted against before coming online and declaring who Sen. Booker 'really' is. Read up on the other Dem senators who against it, read up on NJ and pharma jobs, read up JUST A LITTLE bit more than the headline, and you will see the juvenility of your arguments against Sen. Booker. Apply this logic to most any senator, and they quickly become a Bond villain.

  10. You look in Cory Booker's eyes and you say there are some real scary demons tucked away in his closet. Gives me the creeps.

  11. I remember this guy. He made a documentary about 10 years ago called "Brick City". It had the rapper Arsonal in it too. Dope documentary.

  12. Booker is a sellout and I don't trust him. He seems like another neo-liberal Clintonite… but I would take him in a heartbeat over Trump.. Jesus Christ, yes I would…

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