Corruption in Canadian Cannabis Industry, Cannabis Overdoses and more!

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  1. That Tweed(canopy now) purchase/import of dutch weed was a set up to punish trudope. He was buddies with Chuck Riffici (original owner of Tweed) who was a sketchy dude and a huge liberal donor. He organized the purchase with a grey area view of the laws. Rcmp didnt like that. Beware of his new venture auxly for that reason. He then sold out to Bruce Linton and its been hush hush since.

    Ps. Badminton is sick as fuk.

  2. The problem Kentucky has with cannabis is the growing of if in Boone National Forest that forest covers a 1/3 of the state and is the emerald triangle of the east

  3. Unfortunately pigeons your government is still under monarchy rule weither or not you vote they still anwser to the queen and you can't ever break free of what the old bat says no too

  4. You know if it was you that got caught like that regardless of your legality they would make an example out of you just because you dont ha e the money to grease the palms of the dirty politicians

  5. It's called spinning out not a overdose but what do I know I've only smoked the stuff for the last 48 years and some do go in to what resembles a grand mal seizure ice pack to the back of the neck stops that….. learn to chill

  6. Thank you so much pigeons. I truly appreciate your friendship. If anyone is interested in my Instagram. Please check me out
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  7. Everything in this world is the wrong way round, as Matt Damon said in his famous speech (WATCH on YouTube!), the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail…….it's only going to get worse… hope everyone has got something good to smoke on…. breakfast joint of pineapple express 4me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ much love #pigeon's420 πŸ˜™ an amazing reminder we still have good people amongst us πŸ’“

  8. Real talk…ignorance in my opinion is our biggest obstacle and we can’t go big with legalization unless the truth and facts about cannabis come out properly and people read and educate themselves. Much love bro πŸ™πŸ»

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