1. Anyone: If my leaf tips are drying and curling up, does that mean I need to water more? FYI, these are outdoor potted plants. I live on the islands in the western Pacific. I have them under a clear plastic dropcloth because it's rainy season right now and don't want the heavy rains to destroy them. But the endes and tips of the leaves are brittle, browning and drying out. What should I do?

  2. I loved that you started and finished this grow and it was very informative. I am now a fan and I love your work.

  3. Do you rap? You should rap bro. Thanks for sharing the information and taking the time to make this! Starting my first grow

  4. Incredible well done video, very informative and I couldn't help think that this is the most comprehensive way to teach people about growing. Cheers homie keep up the good work!

  5. I grew a healthy plant bringing in 210 grams, no fertilizer just tap water so don't get overwhelmed with all the additives he is using.

  6. Hello brother love the grow video looking to make compost tea for my girls never did before what would be the best compost to use thank you

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. I love that you go through each one and name it. It helps me to know the different strains. You are going to do fantastic Dylan! Keep up the good work. God Bless You!

  8. Hi cali, I like to much your videos and i have a question for you. How much it will cost buy a equipement like yours? (including compost materials and all the components u use to make the plants grow)

  9. Great video as always! Just wanted to fix the spelling of Mycorrhizal. In case anyone was looking online on their local website! Keep up the great work and Aloha from Hawaii!

  10. i saw that you separated out a video for the Tea — could you separate out a video for Topping, as well as how to pH your watering solution?

  11. Hey man a wanna say that video was really good man,theres a lot of videos that go too technical,but yours was awesome keep it man PEACE from the (UK)👊

  12. Ocean Forest is too hot for seeds I mean I've done it before 2 is nutrient burn in the beginning but it gets better so in the beginning for Siege euclidea 6050 ocean forest with Happy Frog or The Warriors or even 50/50 with Pete or coco…ohh no man as I watch your video those are stretched out way too much you should planted in a bigger pot wood that long as stem in the soil only like an inch out

  13. Hey 👋🏾 I’m just a random guy love your videos but please man when you Tim lapse stop blacking it out in between no bull I get a head ache 😖 every time love your worktho keep it up

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