1. it was ok. half expected laura dern to be involved in the drugs somehow since she was smoking weed at beginning of movie. she really didn't have a purpose in the show. But someone tell me what that ending was all about. What happened to liam and the Indian? And the boy? ??? weird.

  2. Liam Neeson was a very skilled boxer back in Ireland. I was too. That's how I figured it out just by looking at him. And the way he does his fighting stunts in front of the camera. I just love his films…

  3. I'm a little disappointed why they make a movie that's been already. The movie disappearence I think was better. That movie story line is the same as this one.

  4. As much as I like Neeson this was not his best acting. Movie in general sucked it was very predictable and sometimes downright boring. I wouldn't give it even a one star.

  5. So many factors were mixed in this moive that created the atmosphere of black humor. I like it and enjoy the time watching with my friend.

  6. Colorado looks beautiful in this; too bad it's actually Canada….But yes, John Elway was the best QB of all time!!!   Great freakin' movie!

  7. I did not care for the picture, I feel with his talents he could have did better that that. This is a waste of $14.99 cents. The acting was stupid and silly no real good story lines. That's my opinion.

  8. I was looking to see how Emmy Rossom did . She was one of the police with doe eyes . A really good actress on Shameless no doubt. Her part was small.

  9. Since this looked like another "Taken" ripoff I had low expectations. I was pleased to enjoy this dumb film. There's lots of deaths so it's a fun watch.

  10. Liam Neeson is so gentle LOOKING unlike so other man action actors that he draws you in until you don't realize you're now cheering for him to kill more people. His acting, his expressions, he presence…there's never going to be another like him. I'm very glad we have him here and now.

  11. When you forget the name of the movie and think this is one of his old films that look interesting then you realize you've already watched it.

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