Clobberfunk Marijuana Monday

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  1. Dude, I ate at Sambos, Krystal used to cost 25ct, gas 50 to 75 cts gallon. It was a good time. I love the best Pot Cast on YT, Urban Remo! Stay lifted.

  2. Cheers from Chile mi fríend. Always watch ure marihuana Monday vids. 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 Cheers and keep smoking that Good faia

  3. I don't understand why people cant get the concept puff puff pass you can tell remo is an og smoker he never hits the joint more than two times

  4. I am thinking about moving up to canada from Texas, I will have some money with me. What providence would you recommend for a newbie to move to. I am a 2stroke mechanic and I work on chainsaws. Are tgere any shoos arou d there that I could find a job at?

  5. Dear Urbanremo. Sir. Its great to see you. How you doing? Please may I take a moment of your time if your interested in a CRAZY idea I have… How about rolling papers with non lick stick? You remember those envelopes to put letters into that you peel off the strip then it sticks down right away no need for licking wetting papers causing runs. Adapt a rolling paper adapting that concept. Happy new year. From Craig Lee White. UK. Free the weed.

  6. Hello from Russia!Bro,it’s cold here and very dangerous.Its unrealizable dream to smoke a huge joint in warm safe places.Our destiny-is smoke chemical hash,from dirty basement laboratories.Always watching your vids and crying…Best wishes and good luck!

  7. mike from sand box farms good to see you guys.French style gardening calls for 20percent peat ,20 percent play sand mix casting to 20 percent play sand and coir add 20 percent orange peal and once a month add orange peal as mulch cover it up with soil so you have a symbiotic relationship ,make sure you cut peals small so it decomposes faster. try in one 7 gal. The play sand is a negative ion with remo nutes and this combo you will make the best herb on the planet.Love you guys one love

  8. Salutations from miami florida love your vids…..hitting up some live resin peaches n cream watching this…

  9. be great to share a Joint with you Remo one day,always enjoy ya videos! Cant help but be a little envious with ya weed laws,come on Australia get with the times!!

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