1. ये मशीन कहा मिलेगी हमेचाहीये कितनेकि होगी फो नो दीजिये

  2. PLEASE NOTE :— NEVER put just any saw blade onto a strimmer as the blade could shatter and somebody could get seriously injured, put a purpose made cutting blade by a reputable company like stihl etc which is probably carbide steel, you don't want to put yourself or anybody else at risk of injury do you!? BE CAUTIOUS AND SAFE

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  4. Is the blade on backwards?,flat face of blade teeth facing away from direction of rotation?,or does this one rotate anti clockwise?

  5. I found i use mine foe clearing shooting lanes from my ground blinds bout 2 months before i start baiting my 100yrd shot. Beats useing a machete and I can go through Pine swamp clear about 4 ft wide 3 ft tall sorry 3 ft wide 4 ft tall hundred fifty yards come back with a machete or pair Clippers to trim up bathing low-hanging works great

  6. When that thing hits a chain link pole and bounces back, taking your leg off at the kneecap, make sure the EMT techs find the severed leg to take with them. Micro Surgery has come a long way since the 1800's. Good luck.

  7. I’ve been using circular saw blades on my Stihl FS weed eater for years👍🏻 I’ve cut entire mesquite trees down! Just PLEASE be careful of kickback! Go to one of your favorite box stores and get you a hand full 7 1/4” blades🤫 don’t buy the 5 blade pack you get over charged per blade, have fun😇👍🏻

  8. Beware if using to cut brush at ground level .hitting a stone or rock or tee post will result in the blade shedding a tooth or two which may or may not imbed itself in your leg

  9. I remember the old Speed Racer cartoons, the Mach 5 had saw blades that popped out the front and would cut a path through the forest.

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