1. I’m already a plug tho hmu if u from Fort Worth/ haltom city/ north Richland hills area. I keep that loud on me bro good af

  2. I'm tired of these conservatives legislators of ours… if it was up to the people we would have it here in texas already. Withholding patients from s medicine that can cure them is criminal you legislator's!

  3. But, Conservatives want Legal Recreational Marijuana. So what's the hold up? Just Legalize the plant already.

  4. The legislators are way behind the curve in Texas. Each session they say "maybe next session." They are out of touch and only concerned about the next election. While they wait around, millions of Texans being incarcerated, stripped of their money, losing jobs, and families ripped apart.

  5. I got some health issues that would greatly benefit from cannabis. I'm 69 and if I wait for legalization here I'll die of old age first, literally! So I'm moving out of state so I can get treatment, can't really afford it but I have no choice. Oh, and the elected officials who are against legalizing, vote them out of office ASAP.

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