Celebrate Legalization With this 'Oh Cannabis' Karaoke Song

The countdown to Canadian legalization is finally over because cannabis is now officially legal in all of Canada. October 17, 2018 will be remembered as an …


  1. Complete Lyrics:

    Oh Cannabis
    Our homegrown healing plant
    Trudeau we love
    For making it not banned
    With a plan so wise; To Decriminalize
    On October 17!
    Aime par nous et vous
    It makes revenue…
    Which helps out our country
    Getting high's not for me; Then enjoy CBD
    It contains no THC
    Let's all be wise
    Let's all be free
    Oh Cannabis
    For her and him and me
    Oh Cannabis
    For her and him and me!

  2. Anybody have the lyrics to this? I’d like to read it all since Maheen and loss prevents me from understanding most of what’s being said.

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