1. I forgot to say, yes she's right, they do not teach us real history in school! Until I met a history teacher in college, and he would teach us real history. I had to unlearn everything

  2. This is great, I don't know much about marijuana, I've never gotten into it, I smoked it once when I was 20 and it made me feel awful, paranoid, that was enough for me. I've never tried again. I'm not a drinker either, I just don't care for how it makes me feel. And in Maine, they've legalized it, for medical and recreational use.
    So now, I can do research with all the funds being donated, we're allowed to use now. And explaining the difference between hemp and marijuana. Yes God gave us everything we need. Even the poppy plant, used for pain, the poppy milk, but ppl have altered it, to strong addictive use.
    This is great, thank you Melissa

  3. So YouTube is giving you a virus, I'm not even surprised
    Have you thought about getting a regular camera? So they can't infect your phone? Or would it not matter?

  4. Cbd’s also work with the thc’s.
    Eating the leaf will bring down your high. So you know. 😊
    I’d farm it if I could.

  5. Sorry I missed this, I’m a cannabis patient from Ohio.
    I’ve been a cannabis patient for 40 years.
    Thank you for standing up 😁.

  6. Darn, I didn't realize you were live this morning! We talked about this a bit this past weekend. I didn't tell you that my granddaughter is taking CBD oil for an autoimmune disorder. It's working.

  7. Steroids can keep you from sleeping. The doctor gave you Ambien while you were pregnant? I would be worried about taking CBD while pregnant.

  8. I could not agree more. I have always wondered how the government could stop anyone from growing cannibas. It is a plant, just like every other plant. My husband is researching growing hemp. We are in TN. The marijuana plant is secretly, our state plant. Lol it grows great here. And before the helicopters that find it, tons of marijuana has been grown here in these hills. We already have tobacco growers. It would be just a small jump to grow hemp. My father in law said his daddy grew hemp back during war times. It was for the fiber.

  9. My youngest son who is 19 takes CBD gummie for severe ADHD and anxiety. For 13 yrs he was on Adderall. It has wrecked his teeth to the point he has to have his top ones pulled and have dentures put in.

  10. I feel so bad for Ben (well both of you )and what he went through at the VA after waiting months for his appt. Alot of ppl don't realize what Vets go through to get medical care especially vets with PTSD
    I firmly believe that if you severed our country you should be given a GOLD CARD where you can go anywhere and get the medical care you need and not have to wait months because the VA hospital system is a broken system….I live in Florida…
    When we voted for medical marijuana …more ppl voted for that than they did our previous governor Rick Scott who did nothing ..Now with our new governor he' s actually doing something to make getting medical marijuana easier…and he's doing it at rather fast pace..Thank God….Another very informative video on CBD oil….many prayers to both of you..πŸ’›πŸ™

  11. Things to look for when buying CBD. 1. Where was the hemp grown. 2. Is the company GMP certified (look for stamp on website). 3. Does the back of the label state how many mg's of CBD per serving. 4. Filler Oils, there shouldn't be any. Only 2 to 3 ingredients. CBD, Hemp Oil and flavor like peppermint essential oil. 5. Lab reports on their website that state how much CBD, THC, if there are pesticides or contaminants.

  12. My heart went πŸ’” for y'all when you talked about the VA, I also go through the same crap and realize that they don't care about us or helping us in the least. Hence why I am going natural with you guys and all the help and information that y'all provide. I will definitely be purchasing the CBD oil Marijuana from y'all. Thanks so much guys πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  13. Where is the link for you to help us get cbd oil? I went to your website & couldn't find how to order with code. Please help.

  14. I've been told that if you get a medical marijuana card, then they take away your 2nd amendment rights to bear arms? So you can no longer purchase a gun legally? Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks 😊

  15. Oh…thank you for the info in the Description box. I want in on making a good change for our great State. So many people can be helped, & as a nurse I'm an advocate for my patients.🌺

  16. i highly recommend everyone buy and read this book about using marijuana. We aren't talking about cbd here, but often regulation to approve medical marijuana follows. I believe what this guy is saying: author Alex Berenson. "Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence". We all need to consider all sides before enacting laws that may cause ourselves and our children harm.

  17. Hurry up & start selling CBD oil!!! Lol. I'm ordering from "Foods that Heal" – has a YT Channel – a good one. I've been using about 50mg daily (Tasty Drops 1000mg bottle) & then I vape it too throughout the day. It helps w/anxiety soooo much. Does not get me high.
    *My friend's son bought some at a Flowood vape shop. It messed him up so bad & he ended up in ICU w/kidney failure. She reported it to the Attorney General, they investigated, ended up shutting down or fining these vape places. Happened about 7 months ago all over Central MS. The crap was laced with SPICE!!
    Anyway, please get on board & I'll definitely give you my business. Just get some potent stuff…lol…I need that. Thanks for ALL you do.
    *I'm going to try to find a petition for folks to sign for us Mississippi folks.🌺

  18. When 4G came out everyones phones were working fantastic. They worked great on 3G too. Until 4G was going to come online. About a year before 4G came up the 3G phones and hot spots started being glitchy. This glitchy thing going on with 4G now is planned. They will tell you that your 4G phones will work on 5G lines but not as fast or smooth as the 5G phones. They said the same thing with 3G phones. Once 4G was accepted the 3G phones started not working. Suddenly that same phone that was able to find a great signal almost anywhere suddenly couldnt get a signal. The change from 3G to 4G was not the problem. They started blocking 3G phones. Just like I phone was found guilty of updates actually reprogramming the phones to slow down and to discharge the batteries faster. Your 4G phones are going to be more and more glitchy as 5G comes closer. I have not updated my phone AT ALL and my phone works great. I know if i do allow that update to download i will have issues with the connection. The glitches are in the updates to your phone. Some sites might not work good for you if you dont update your phone at some point BUT your phone WILL work. Maybe 2 phones? I dont want that 5G anywhere near me.

  19. Thanks for sharing this. Hubby and I have bee currently both trying cbd in 3 different forms. One thing the consultant shared is that cbd in oil will not help anyone without a gallbladder. You can not get it out of your liver because it has to have a gallbladder. So she said only buy water soluble stuff. So..that meant the oil will not work for me. Next she said if there is even a less than 1% of the other things from marijuana still in what you're taking, it can accumulate in your system causing you to fail a wkrk or crime drug test. How are we doing? Husband trying 750 strength oil drops and they do not help him at all. He tried a cream sample and got no relief. He has knee trouble, and also has a rod and several screws vecause he walked around on a broken ankle for over 25 years. I have fibro and arthritis. The pills 750 ml strength water soluble are not helping me at all. But a small amount of the cream did help neck pain from degenerated discs. So, we are not sold on what we can get at the local store which cost about $200. So, when you get yours up and running and we will try to see if it's the brand. I believe their products are hemp based and made in FL.

  20. So sad I missed this live. I've been trying to find information on using this with my kiddo to help him detox (He is autistic and has ADHD, but is just BARELY on the spectrum) I'm suspicious that he isn't autistic at all, but in fact poisoned and being hindered by the levels of heavy metals and inflammation in his brain and body. Do you have any decent sources of information on this? The first page of search results on the G oogle is just ridiculous.

  21. Thank you so much for all of the knowledge!!! Am trying to use the new coupon code but so far no success. I will keep trying! Thanks again.

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