1. Another great review! One thing to consider is the extraction method used. C02 extractions can single out specific phytocannabiniods such as cbd but yields less of the others. Ethanol extraction is more labor intensive and for that reason is more expensive but yields the most diverse levels of phytonutrients/cannabinoids. I’ve tried both, black tie’s cbd tincture (co2) and carolina hemp company’s kingdom harvest oil (ethanol) and I noticed a large difference in effects between the two. I’m currently using the kingdom harvest “XO” (extraordinary) 2x strength oil. Not only do you get twice the cbd you get twice the phytocannabinoids present in the plant instead of only more cbd. I believe those other less known cannabinoids, at higher percentages, have far more synergistic potential than cbd alone. I’m not an expert but I’m also not susceptible to placebo so take it for what it’s worth.

  2. Have you tried the Garden of life cbd oil? I had just received mine in the mail from the company but haven’t been able to find many reviews on it! I spent maybe $40 on 15mg.. Its the CBD+Stress relief! I’m going to test it out but really wish I could find more reviews on it! Lol..

  3. Have you tried Carbon 360 oil ? It's not CBD oil but really good for you
    Purple power And Dustin Nemos2 channel has 2 different brands maybe you might want to review them or reaeach it too

  4. Chris, may I recommend you to try Cbdistillery. They are definitely priced reasonably and the product is good. We love it.

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