CBD & THC المادتان الأشهر داخل نبتة الحشيش، ما الفرق بينهم؟

على الرغم من استخدام القنب لأغراض طبية منذ ما يقارب الـ 5000 سنة في العديد من الدول، إلا أن موضوع تشريعه للاست…


  1. في تحليل السموم او الكشف عن المخدرات( في البول) هل يعتبر من المخدرات ؟

  2. نفسي اجربها بس اخاف تجيني حالة الرعب و الخوف لان مخيلتي فيها اشياء مرعبة اكثر من الاشياء الحلوة

  3. Good info on the history of cannabis , but alot of info given describing the THC molecule is completely wrong . Mentionning about the paranoia effects of THC could have been replaced with something , atleast , useful … THC has alot of benefits as well , which havent been talked about in this video . THC is as important as CBD in the medical section of the whole subject . THC helps provide pain relief , aids as a muscle relaxant , helps with insomnia , helps treat ptsd , enhances senses , increases appetite , has anti inflammatory properties , even protects brain cells from traumatic head injuries , and the list goes on ….

    I dont blame the creators of this video for the misleading/incomplete content , i blame Vice for posting it .

  4. A plant and medicine that has been around since the beginning of time, before any Panadol or Tylenol. Legalize and decriminalize it!

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