CBD Oils Are Now Being Allowed In Carry On Luggage

Via America’s Lawyer: The TSA has announced that airline passengers will now be allowed to carry on certain types of CBD oils derived from hemp. Farron …


  1. What happens when you fly out of a State where CBD is legal but have to stopover in a State where it's illegal can you be arrested for possession of a controlled drug..

  2. Alas if you fly to texas then the Texas mob will arrest you. Sure TSA will allow it, but that doesn't mean it is legal everywhere.

  3. Who cares, considering CBD has zero analgesic effect, according to a scientific study I read. THC was about equal to morphine but CBD was completely inert. Cannabinol, another cannabinoid that doesn't get you high, is about the same as aspirin, making it superior to CBD for pain relief. Nobody even sells cannabinol. See the whole CBD thing is a big scam, selling an inactive substance for the same price or more than actual THC which DOES relieve pain. Now take a nice big hit of nothing and say ahhh, that's better. The placebo effect is amazing ain't it? BTW, an essential oil called caryophyllene is a stronger CB2 agonist than CBD is and you can buy a gallon jug for about $50, just to show what a profiteering scam CBD is. If a CB2 agonist really is helpful medically for certain conditions then why use a weak expensive one when you can easily get a strong cheap one that's completely legal in all 50 states? Who is selling caryophyllene for medical use? Nobody, because it's dirt fukking cheap.

  4. Do not smoke marijuana for fun, only medical and stress is not a disease so say a few prayers that will cure your stress.

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