(CBD Oil Testimony) My Mom's Esophagus Ulcer Shrunken

In this video I allow my mom to tell her story on the positive effect of CBD Oil on her serious esophagus condition….. Product $45.00 CBD Oil 500mg Broad …


  1. Hey Monte and momma I'm so happy she's doing better 😍
    I myself don't have any on going pain but I do know somebody that does due to chronic arthritis in both hips and knees so he will be getting some to substain the pain until he has his surgery in a couple of months. Tfs

  2. Hi Monte & MoM, Thanks For Sharing your Experience with CBD oil and I’m glad that it worked for you and keep on taking it thanks Montei for the information that you give to us each and every day I’m telling you Monte. You do not have a PhD but you do your Research and give it to us Straight from the horses Mouth. Keep on Keeping on Peace Love and Many Blessings 9-22-19

  3. My 10 year old daughter fought brain cancer for 2.5 years before she passed. At that point i would have tried ANYTHING if you told me it could save her life. I watched videos just like this one back then and they gave me hope that CBD could save her. She did all the regular treatment (surgery, radiation, chemo, immunotherapy and trials) as well as CBD (Rick Simpson Oil to be exact). It did not help her at all. I know of one case where CBD completely cured a child. I also know that EVERY person I followed here on youtube who opted out of conventional tx have recurred and passed. We just don't know why it works for some and not others. With that being said, I would NOT advice one of my loved ones to forgo treatment and opt for CBD as FIRST CHOICE. That is playing Russian Roulette. I am very health conscious and use CBD successfully to treat my anxiety. CBD can be wonderful and def helps chemo side effects, that is for sure. But if I really, really loved someone I would trust science and statistics to give them a chance. It might not work either (it didn't in my daughter's case) but I could not live with myself if I hadn't at least tried. Conventional treatment has saved overwhelmingly more lives than CBD in this community and I have met hundreds of families dealing with cancer since my daughter got sick. I really like your channel and mean no disrespect, just my opinion and experience. Stay blessed. 👍😉

  4. Hey Ma, I’m rejoicing with you🤗
    Continued healing and blessings to you💜 Thanks for sharing
    💜❌⭕️💜❌⭕️💜❌⭕️ for Ma! I call my mom “Ma” too but my mom hates it 😂
    Namaste my brother

  5. That is so wonderful…what would you recommend it for an hiatal hernia. I had an operation on it about ten years ago, and I am having those same Symptoms now.

  6. Hi Mom😊and…Wow that was an amazing testimony. Will CBD oil show up on drug test? I deal with Anxiety can you do a video on that. Thanks

  7. My sister had the same thing and she died i n 2016 from that wish I had known you then I will be placing my order soon for a problem I have thanks Mr.Reed✌❤

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