1. Soooo…a bunch of ignorant old guys ban it and that makes it dangerous. 1 out of 5 oils contain THC? Can you prove this. Garbage video by an uneducated person.

  2. Pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia; Four benefits from cbd that you said and I only heard you say three risks…. hmmmmm🤔 more risks huh?

  3. Where are the actual risks? All I see here is a single minded person who did not do their research, don’t take this video seriously it’s 100% bias. All legal cbd contains 0.3% thc and has no psychoactive effects what so ever . Your reasons are not credible in any way, shape, or form. Delete this video.

  4. What a load of BS. Lack of research and knowledge. Another medical professional afraid of losing money. CBD oil from hemp is effective and one of the best natural remedies available. Yeah lady, athletes aren't supposed to alleviate pain and inflammation naturally, so I bet you RX legal opioids. What a quack.

  5. Wow this is the dumbest video ever LOLL if ur gunna say it has more risks… it would help to i dont down know … SAY the actual risks lmfaoo ??!!!

  6. Riiight! Have them go take corticosteroids and a cocktail of “approved” man made poisons with a litany of adverse side effects instead. Gotcha.

  7. The ones that do have thc only have below 0.3 percent thc and the amount of thc you need is at least 10% to get you high and what do you mean more risk you name out one risk which technically isn't even really a risk and it helps with alot more benefits it can help with thyroid sinusitis people with autism help fight cancer anxiety depression focus relaxation no pain so your video was pointless

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