CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression | Must See!

Quality CBD Oil: CBD Oil For Anxiety And Depression | Must See! is a video that teaches on natural ways to reduce anxiety and depression.


  1. All the blend r sold out r they better N why? I have anxiety but don’t know much about this oil. Can anyone help so I purchase the right one please?

  2. Be careful. Many CBD oils have traces of THC. This will get you arrested in many States and the airport.
    A friend…70 years old… got arrested at DFW for CBD oil that had traces of THC.

  3. Doc, you ask what do you have to lose with CBD? Big pharma has a lot to lose and that's why they don't wanna know and do little research on CBD's benefits.

  4. if only it would not be so expensive in europe. It does work for sure since after i took it twice i was never as chill i could feel my brain being completely relaxed and focused (even more than during fasting) saddly after 2nd dose i haven't felt anything i'm not sure to this day why it stopped working.

  5. Living in canada i buy thc oil and cbd oil..i take both after supper to relax and take away my aches and pains from being a pipefitter. Love the stuff

  6. Excellent presentation. Could you do more videos on the benefits of CBD oil and how best to use it and can it be made at home?

  7. Hi. I haven't looked over you entire channel, but, do you have a video on how to naturally get rid of fat deposits under the skin?

  8. True.. CBD oil is really helping depression. Again depression comes from carrying all stuff that is not necessary in our life and worries same. CBD oil sport good food good friends money to survive will make depression goes away. Be strong don't let small problem destroying you. Life is short and beautiful. Not worth to be depressed.

  9. Should I be measuring my ketone levels if I’m only doing IF ? Yes, I eat carbs and all that but how do I know if my body is burning fat during my IF window for energy ?

  10. I’ve suffered with anxiety & depression for as long as I can remember! I’ve been on so many different pharmaceuticals that it boggles my mind. Nothing worked and yes, these drugs can cause serious suicidal ideation! Lets just all pray that “big pharma” doesn’t get ahold of this information and either ban CBD or market it under a brand name, raise the prices and make it near impossible for the average person to get & use! Thank you Dr. Nick for the information. 💙

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