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    or if you prefer not to inhale anything
    Where to Buy CBD Gummie Bears – https://goo.gl/ZK6iSe
    CBD Products are Legal in all 50 States because they're derived from the HEMP Plant not the Cannabis plant. Hemp does not contain the Cannabis chemical THC that makes you feel "high".

  2. The real deal vapes with 1:1 thc cbd from Colorado is so strong. Too strong . But i learned to take only one big hit and be done . It resets your spirit and body at night. But i agree with the anxiety and heart rate. Weed these days are too strong

  3. hey Dan, sadly you never responded to my question i asked you a few weeks ago.

    maybe you didnt see it, so ill try again – can you please explain how the LE in thailand handles the kratom?

    i mean theoretically its illegal, right?

    so how safe and how easy is it to get kratom as a tourist in thailand?

    would be awesome to get a first hand answer because there isnt any real information on the internet. its just known that kratom is illegal there, as forbidden as heroin or cocaine and most of the kratom that gets selled world-wide comes from indonesia.

    real thai kratom is something very rare. so how is the situation in thailand in real life?

    i’m using kratom since a few years, so i dont want to stop it during my holiday, if you understand

  4. I like cbd. Have you tried cbd flower? I think that works best but it also may have a little thc as it is from the plant, but its weird bc I don’t get high, just melts anxiety

  5. if you can't sleep it can be dangerous, do you need a friend to stand next to you incase you get nervous and your brain gets tired? try ice packs and ice cream i'm here for you. you can msg me anytime bromaynemayne.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ-m2Kw2XqI#t=1m2s Tylenol can lead to liver failure, death
    this causes you to vomit blood from one tylenol pill! believe it….
    so your brain is going 24 / 7 and you just wanna sleep… but your brain is going too fast and you can't go,
    and if you get nervous and tired and want to sleep but your brain isn't letting you then you need a friend to call 9-1-1 in case you pass out on the floor, and have been awake for more then 48 hours….

    i'm here you can msg ME though… if i were there i'd sit next to you and apply ice packs and get you ice cream so you don't die of a heat stroke or fever.

    make sure to pack up a backpack with 2-3 days clothing in case you need a friend or family to call 9-1-1 for you and send you to the emergency room if you can't sleep but want to… just don't trip, have a buddy sit next to you, while you put ice packs to keep your temperature down from fever.

    protect your heart, protect your brain, protect your ear drums if you notice a metallic ringing sound in your ear drum you might go deaf from tylenol.

    tylenol is also the opposite you get from
    but it's like i dunno adam ruins everything talks about these things in depth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcAkAyI985U Adam Ruins Everything – Why Some Prescription Drugs Are More Dangerous than Illegal Drugs

    after like 7-8 hours you KNOW something is wrong if your brain is constantly running and not letting you sleep and you're getting a fever the best bet is to do a clean flush of your system with a "tushie cleanser" it shoots water up your butt…. https://www.amazon.com/Cleanstream-LE776-Shower-Enema-System/dp/B002FCN7Y2
    also you can vomit it all out if you can, try vomiting it out if you know it's forcing your brain and fever to go up. like obviously telling people how you feel is serious communication is neccessary, but if your brain is GOING TOO FAST AND WONT LET YOU SLEEP FOR 48 HOURS you need ice packs to counter its effects on the brain and keep the fever down, and ice cream… and when you get sleep like. just don't DIE. tylenol will KILL. believe me.
    ricola lemon mint (cough drops) causes diarrhea and warm coffee causes diarrhea as well, it's not a bad idea to try it if you don't have a cleanstream shower enema thingy to clean out your liver.

    and …. don't get nervous from fever fight it with ice packs and ice cream!
    and have someone near you in case you pass out so they can call the hospital if your brain is overworked and won't let you sleep.

    i'm here! you can msg me here or on skype:
    skype real name: ryan medrano that should put me on the search.

    it will get scarier if you keep doing this…
    increased heartrate after 24 hours in WILL GIVE YOU A SCARE! it's dangerous.

    you look great. handsome as always !
    ummm… ways to pass time, i'm thinking, idk… they have kung fu panda trailers….
    by hour 7-8 you have to vomit it all out though i don't want you to die. i want it out of your system!

    take care of your eyelids, put ice packs so no nerve damage happens.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBkLNBRDw5c Paris Hilton ENGAGED to Chris Zylka!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGVVuoOarbs 73 Questions With Cindy Crawford | Vogue
    their eyelids are melting from the tylenol pills.
    be very careful with prescription medicine.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCn7Xk_6sb8 Family Guy – Hitler and Eva

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77-cBl5KVaA Five Element Ninjas (1982) FULL MOVIE HQ English
    watch all of these ones to pass the time, but make sure to vomit out the stuff keep a close eye on your fever and your brain and your ear drum and heart and eyelid nerves. keep ice packing everything while you pass time by watching these things.
    it's stup1d but it passes the time.

    or turn your local television on and see if vivendi or wikipedia is talking to you, and showing you the sports you normally like… they will show ads and keep you company while they watch you fight to survive.
    the hospital MAY NOT EVEN be necessary at all. i recommend ice cream and ice packs 🙂
    this is one my dad bought me when i accidentally ate a tylenol.
    Bunny Tracks®
    Vanilla flavored ice cream with caramel and fudge swirls, chocolaty covered peanuts, and peanut butter filled chocolaty bunnies.

    i'm never eating tylenol again or alkaseltzer.

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