CBD Oil Benefits And Side Effects (MUST Know BEFORE you BUY it)

CBD Oil Benefits And Side Effects that i feel everyone should know before buying cbd oil are the major major keys that I share in this video. Now that CBD have …


  1. Wow wow … I could not pass by and not subscribe to your channel. It’s what I have been looking for… just about everything on your channel. 👍🏽 can you tell me where you get your CBD oil? I being hearing of it but so scared. I have so must back pain ..

  2. I recently purchased can oil – tincture I do about 7-8 drops under the tongue … I never feel high … but I only don’t have thc in it … or anything actually I dont feel anything … but it does settle my anxiety

  3. Great video! New to cbd myself! I share it with my daughter! It’s great for pain and anxiety! Also helps her simmer down and take great naps and sleep!

  4. It’s okay to be vulnerable and shown us you’re human by crying. I’m sure you felt much better after that happened. Showing your struggle let’s me know I can relate to you. Love your passion behind being and getting healthy!

  5. This is great to know about cbd oil I didn't know that they were making fake oil but I should have known better.

  6. I'm new to using CBD oil and purchased the pods that uses Jull. IDK I haven't had too many side effects besides a quick high feeling. Overall works ok for me!

  7. I like the way you present this.. Doing the side effects first was good.. Making you feel high and have Diarrhea wow!?! Wow that’s crazy people are selling fakes…Yes agree people have to make sure they take the steps to make sure they get the write one.. The effects are seriously..That’s good it helps with depression.. #ytqueen

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