CBD Oil and Medical Marijuana for Parkinson's Disease

Are you curious about the benefits of CBD oil and medical marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease? In this interview with naturopathic doctor Dr. Michelle Sexton, …


  1. Does CBD oil or medical cannabis help with your Parkinson's symptoms? Please share below!

  2. Unfortunately, CBD and THC long term reduce our production of endogenous dopamine. So, while we may get some relief from symptoms, we are exacerbating the problem. It is better to embark of a proven program to recover your health.

  3. I’ve been micro dosing for 18 months with cbd oil that includes 2.5 mg of THC [which In australia is still illegal] . I’ve had great results in regards to freezing gait and shuffling, pain and stiffness,. However it took a. Bit of time to get the correct dosage for me.. too much tends to exacerbate symptoms but now I’ve got the right balance it’s worth breaking the law to get the relief from pd symptoms.

  4. I tried CBD and also THC. CBD didn't really help, and I felt dizzy and foggy when I took THC. I was scared to take it. I'm 84, have mainly rigidity, bad leg spasms at night, and what I call writhing, some tremor. My sleep is now greatly disturbed –not good! Plus it was SO EXPENSIVE!

  5. Thank you thank you thank you. Really good expert knowledge that I was looking for. I would expect this video to go viral.

  6. For anxiety I am ingesting 15mg CBD oil in AM, and 15mg whole hemp capsule in PM. Helps a lot for me. Have not tried THC compounds yet

  7. Eat a high CBD edible during the day and high THC and CBD edible at night before they go to sleep. You will see a difference in 24 hours.

  8. Well, I have tried many kinds now, and it makes my muscles even tighter and it hurts even more instead of making me relax like people keep telling it does for them. So, I am not able to use any of it.

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