1. After I had rotator cuff surgery, a friend suggested CBD oil in a clear cream because I was in so much pain and doing physical therapy was agony. My husband rubbed that stuff into my shoulder and scapula area and it’s what allowed me to be without pain killers and to do my PT. I know that stuff works because, like you said, I was skeptical but it worked the very first time I tried it. And yeah, my jar was $38. Spends hit worth every penny. And no addiction to pain killers.

  2. "We're older now, man. We don't jump on bandwagons. We have bullshit detectors, and we're skeptical about everything." – Michael Allen

  3. I am well educated on this Mike. I started researching this over a decade ago. My mother can't live without it. She has a disease (immune deficiency) that almost killed her 2 years ago. She takes that oil on my recommendation after years of fighting me on it.

    Now the thing about THC you should be aware of is this: it cures Cancer. How do I know? I did years of in-depth research on this..then I met a guy in Vancouver BC who was stage 4 prostate cancer. A buddy of his (our common friend who introduced me to him) snuck in capsules of oil he had prepared. Long story short…4 months later he was out of the hospital and back to work.. completely cured. This was 2005

    Fast fwd to 2014. I get a call from my wife that my dog has been diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. Also, his spine is full of arthritis..explaining his inability to climb our stairs. I went for a walk… grieving for my buddy but then I remembered that guy in Vancouver. So..I went and bought a big bag of the best pot I could get.."Purple Kush" and began to treat the dog by extracting the oil from the bud and giving him very small doses. Long story short…6 weeks later..no detection of the tumor with an ultra sound and no cancer cells in his urine. He lived 2 more years and died in his sleep. And he could run on beach with seagulls and up our stairs no problem either. No detection of arthritis in his spine either. How does that grab ya??!😲

    CBD is perfect for inflammation. THC cures big diseases. The science behind it is that humans have an "endocannabinoid system". When the THC comes into contact with the cancer cell's receptors, the cancer cell destroys itself. That's the short explanation.

    There is a video on YouTube of a Bio-Chemist, Dr. Dennis Hill, who tells his own personal Cancer Story and explains the science. Watch "Run from the Cure, The Rick Simpson Story". It's a documentary explaining how to extract the oil..how he came to know about it and testimonials from people in his community he has cured. He has a Facebook page as well. He doesn't sell it, and encourages people not to buy it but to make it themselves.

    Taking the THC at night two hours before bed avoids the "High" but leaves you groggy in the morning. You take indica not Sativa. Indica helps the body rest, which is what is required to deal from any trama or disease. You can put measured doses in capsules to ingest the oil. Put coconut oil in the capsule to "Top it up"; making it even more beneficial.

    "Hope it helps" 👍😉

  4. Is it legal to bring in to Costa Rica? I left my ointment at home (Canada) not wanting to risk getting busted.

  5. Haa No Shit no pun but omg I don't want to be the one that's talking about my SH*t !! I have been using CDB cream and Hemp cream and it has helped me immensely. I order from amazon and have tried different strengths, i like the 2000 the best. Its below $20 and i would bring some next time i come to Costa Rica . maybe it would be a good business to start there.

  6. It is ILLEGAL to take CBD oil across borders even if it's legal in both countries as is the case in Canada and US.. This just came out.
    Is there a legal way to get in Costa Rica?
    According to this web site CBD OIL is legal in Costa Rica https://hempika.com/is-cbd-oil-legal-in-my-country/
    So I don't think it's worth the risk to "smuggle" it from Canada and get your friends in trouble.

  7. I never smoked MJ in my life except probably twice just to get the experience and curiosity but lately I have problem sleeping so I asked my friend who sells them in Las Vegas if I can try one. Damn, this thing works… I recommend the
    500 mg coz they seem to be therapeutic; and does a lot better; the 1000 mg seem to have no effect on me and appears only for specific use. By the way we use the drops sublingual or under the tongue … Lord, good for sleeping !

  8. Why are your videos often in mirror image? Like all the labels on the stuff behind you are reversed?
    Also, have you considered laser eye surgery? It's relatively cheap these days compared to when I had it done. Even if it's not a total correction, you'll be way less blind than you currently are and your glasses will be much thinner.

  9. My wife and I use CBD oil, took away the pain in her arm that she has had for 10 years, and I was just about to ask for surgery for the arthritis in my knees. Works great, I wish I would have tried it sooner.

  10. I'm 55 and last year I took it once (first time it did not help – has something to do with your body's receptors). However, the SECOND time, WOW!! I'm fortunate that I only have to take the minimal dosage – but my knee fees amazing. In fact – I can contest (for me) – that it does help with sleep and I do not wake up all pissed off. It's a game changer in my life.

  11. Mike I'm 53 years old so dude I hear you about old men talking about this and that ,who ever though we would get that old and your right it does work on a lot of stuff .

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