1. My 7 year old son has just been diagnosed with depression and im being pushed to give him an anti depressant which i am very against. Ive been thinking of trying cbd oil for a while now. This video was very informative. Thank you. I feel a sense of relief and hope finally.

  2. Hi my son is 5yrs old started having seizures when he sleeps he is 65 pounds . Limbs clinching movements what would a good dose be . They gave me medication I never started him on I'm scared for side effects

  3. I really need more information please I got a child who has behavior issues and idk what else to to do and I don't want to put her on any medication please help…

  4. I Wish this was legal in Brazil.. my kids are very eletric and they go to sleep too late, they Wake up the whole night and they Wake up too early in the morning and im so exhausted(?)*
    **I dont remember the right way to write this

  5. Thank you for the info
    How long does it take to work on a child with mood disorder? And anxiety issues? What products do you suggest that I buy for them? Such as gummy bear for or juice form?

  6. Our daughter, now 10, has been seizure free since taking CBD Oil. So we are so thankful that we found it and so happy that she's living a seizure free life now.

  7. Hi, ive been researching CBD for a while now for my 5 yr old(41lbs) son. Im finally going to order it now but want to get the gummies just bc I know he will not fight to eat them. The ones ive found are 25 mg each but I want to know if I cut them in half to be 12.5mg each is that a good dose to start him on? Or what dose would you recommend him starting? And twice daily? That's Been my hold up, not knowing which mg and dose to give since there is no information out there for how much kids should take. Would really appreciate your input. Thanks!

  8. Hi our son is 11 and suffers with chronic pain syndrome and suffers with stomach pain daily and he has suffered for nearly 5years with pain! This interests us very much. If the UK say it's ok for children to use this then it's worth a try! Thank you for uploading this video it's helped us greatly! We will be looking at your website.

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