CBD Beverages Coming Soon – Canopy growth Earnings Preview – khiron Life Sciences ! 2019 Stock

in this videoWe’re gonna look at how companies are doing post market New analyst price target for canopy tilray and aphria Should Cronos Group squire aphria …


  1. You are a true hustler and I respect that. Keep getting ur money and doing what you do! You are going to have a great life! Go with #4!

  2. This was actually pretty cool. I just came to check out your stuff from Nick Nimmins channel and I really like what you got going on here.

  3. My opinion is two is the best . Feng Shui colour for this year is red that not the markets stay green all the way .

  4. I like 4 too and ya red don't got a good vibe like Jacobl said, never been a fan of red well at least since 2006

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