CannaTech 2017 – Yuval Landschaft, Director of Medical Cannabis Unit – Israel Ministry of Health

Enjoy this inspiring address by the Director of the IMCA, the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency, as he shares where Israel cannabis is headed (hint: it’s all about …


  1. Israeli patients have been suffering for years because of Landschaft.
    His medical cannabis reform is considered human experimentation in Israel, and for months there have been terminally ill patients demonstrating across Israel against it.
    A man known as the Angel has been using the patients' cannabis to make them medication that improves their quality of life, extends their life and helps them spend more precious moments with their family. He is currently under arrest.
    His departmemt has the highest rate of justified complaints in the country, where patients are unable to get help. Instead of managing the reform he goes overseas to make speeches praising his success.

  2. This person standing on this stage is a liar ruining thousand of people’s life with this “reform” that missed one thing – the patient. He will be in jail, hopefully soon and for a long time for his crimes.

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