1. The core connection with THC and Schizophrenic episodes is the negative affect of anxiety.

    If you smoke, eat, drink or snort ___ and ___ is known to cause anxiety or even worse paranoia in neuro-typical users – 99% of all Schizophrenics should avoid that substance like the plague, period.

  2. I'm paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar. I use marijuana not only for recreation but the medicine helps me and connects me more with god.

  3. cannabis definitely gave me social anxiety and put me waaayyyyy deep into my head introspective mountain of ideas that would play out with music that didnt exist until the idea was complete. fully of pinks and blues. an electrifying pulsating colorful digital mountain of ideas. i could close my eyes and this spirit would tell me about what im doing wrong in life and what im suppose to change all that shit. . it felt like i was plugged into an electrical socket and given a download of alien hieroglyphic knowledge

  4. The Schizophrenia genes are triggered by the THC and not by the cannabinoids (CBD).
    Which is why some people on here are saying CBD helped them while others are saying Cannabis caused their Schizophrenia.
    They are two different compounds. I also don't believe schizophrenics are using marijuana as a coping mechanism.
    I believe it is exacerbating an underlying issue.

  5. Marijauna can bring up pre existent psychosis or schizophrenia so if you have history of mental illness and smoke weed marijauna will bring up that illness early

  6. Yes cannabis users have more hospital stays because the meds they try to give you don't work and when you can't get your actual medication which is cannabis you have the same breakdown you would on anti psychotics if you go off them. Duh.

  7. Cannabis treats my boyfriends schizophrenia and my own depression… they say to be 'dependant' on it for medication is bad, but how is being dependant on anti psychotic medication any different.? Cannabis is healthier than meds.
    But I know some people who it has caused psychosis in and they won't touch it again too scary they said.
    So to answer the debate if it causes it or not… in some it does – in others it treats it. Because it acts different with everyone, like any medication. The so called 'research' they do is where they look at people who have psychosis and check if they also used cannabis in their youth and make the connection, but more recent studies suggest that most people who use cannabis use it for treatment rather than having it be the causing factor, it's just that because they self medicate usually with it after symptoms develop the link is made to it being a causative factor. So I really want to know more about how they determine 'use and cause' in those studies, because use alone in sufferers isn't enough to say it causes it or makes it worse… as I said I know some it helps and others it hinders. You can't generalise.

  8. why isnt there any test that could determine what affect you dna group ?

    There could really be a test on which dna can be collected and tested if you are going to get relief from the medicine or not! or what treatment we need.


  9. Dronabinol is a synthetic cannabinoid and some people are allergic to synthetic compounds, also some real nasty chemicals may have been used to bond the chains of these compounds which stick around then hitch a ride right past the blood brain barrier where now theyre free to disrupt including interfering with other medication.
    On the FDA approved instruction sheet for this medication is a whole list of side effects, some of which you're no doubt listing as schizophrenic in nature. How have you mitigated these effects from a schizophrenic episode and can you show the difference of oral consumption & effects vs Inhilation & effects in full assossiated with this study? (hallucination-wise eating THC is better than smoking it, though if you're nuts anyway i dont think its really going to matter)

    I cant see on the black screen but i gotta ask; Whats the determining factor when drawing the grey area and blue line on the graph between placebo and THC?
    5mg seems like a very low dose for normal people assuming the patients arnt exaggerating or flat out lying with this entire study; What was environmental layout for this study and do you think that could of been a factor linked to their anxiety?

    I prefer science that isnt based on the feelings of people when theyre stoned or think theyre stoned, i definetly dont take the science as factual when you've given paranoid schizophrenics something outside their usual routine.

  10. It all depends on the person it all comes down to this
    If they can handle their weed : yes
    If they can’t handle their weed: no no

  11. It's not from environmental factors and cannibus for skitzophernia is an aweful idea because of the hallucinations that take place with this illness.

  12. THC can trigger schizophrenia episodes. Itd happened to me twice and sent me to a psych ward. I use to smoke every day

  13. My brother is 30 years old – fully schizophrenic that has unfortunately got caught up in the jail system from being unable to be in society. He has always self medicated and never would take his medicine. I believe cannabis was the only thing that helped him, however he would swear that mushrooms were his medicine. They were the only thing that would make him happy and laugh / cannabis sleepy & hungry. I am 25 years old & experienced the most stressful year of my life (this last year) & can already see schizophrenia developing inside of me. Cannabis is THE only thing that helps me get through the day. Everyone is so different!

  14. Weed is not good for schizophrenics period. Weed brought mental illness and delusions of paranoid.

  15. Weed is not good for schizophrenia in my opinion weed makes you hallucinate, this make worse if it works it will be works me in the first Time😎

  16. I like how all the negative comments are from people without schizophrenia, how about they try keeping their mouths shut for a change. Typical arrogant pothead losers…

  17. Wait this is on the rise. If its not a virus why is there so much more now.??? I dont consent !!!! Do you know that frequencies can cause this here let me tell you. This is owned by the USAF US 6470214 RF hearing effect for skull penertrating sound.
    Us 3712292 inducing sleep
    US 3884218 inducing and maintaining stages of sleep in a get this "human being",frequency following Response Microwave. Obummers brain intiative April 2 2013 to map brain ect… 100 million funded his initiative. Went to darpa and the cia's Sciencetific intelligence Division. US patent 003951134. Satelliteterrorism3.blogspot.com
    Try that and see if thats what your feeling

  18. I think I know the deal here. I have server bipolar 1 disorder. I use cannabis to treat my bipolar and I truely truely believe that it helps me, if IO do not sleep I will go manic, it is an inevitability. Cannabis gets me to sleep every single night without fail. I get full night's rest, I dream vividly (most say they don't dream) and I wake up feeling refreshed. I find cannabis also calms me in times of high stress and seems to elviate the severity of elivated or low temprements when they are present. I live a reasonably healthy life and do a lot of creative stuff and skating, I grew up in a tough household and I become bipolar at 15 before I even knew about cannabis and one of my manic delusions was "cannabis will save the world from ending" haha, it's uncanny!

    Problem I have is that healthcare proffesionals won't listen to me, they keep at me about how it makes me worst and how I should smoke it less and even stop, when I have tried to stop my sleep gets sooooooooo bad, one I quit for ages and I could never get decent sleep I ended up staying away for 7 days. But if I use cannabis just as I take the rest of my medication, moderate, controls, steady amounts, not getting blaze out my skull all day, but just enough to feel it. I'm fine, I live my life normally and get on with my days. If I take it every now and then or stop or Take a load one day and then stop for a week and ect. then I it doesn't work as well. Just like if you did that with the REST OF YOUR MEDS! SEE MY POINT! If you treat canabis as a medicine it acts as a medicine, if I just stop talking my meds, like these people in these studies probably did with weed, then they will get bad… BECAUSE YOU ARE TAKING AWAY THEIR MEDICATION!

    I also must stress, cannabis must have THC, CBD and the one everyone tends to forget CBN as that the one that really helps with sleep. I hope one day I can chose the type of cannabis right for me in a control form off my doctor, so people don't have to make me feel like a drug addict anymore. Legalise it… Across the whole planet. Please, keeping it illegal abusive.

  19. How much did the pharmaceutical companies pay you to do this lecture? I have decreased my antipsychotics by 50% because of cannabis and hopefully will be pharmaceutical free soon. It works better than the horrible medications I have to take from Big Pharma. Imagine how much money the pharmaceutical companies would loose if cannabis was legal to have and grow. Who is to profit off her speech?? It is from a hospital psychiatric unit. I know first hand from pharmaceutical sales agents that doctors get commission on writing scripts to these horrible drugs. It’s time the masses woke up to this bad business being done.

  20. Schizophrenics should be given a choice between mandatory church attendance or life in mental asylums. The problem is demons in their minds. MAGA!

  21. I am convinced that smoking pot brought on my schizophrenia. The paranoia was always there when I was high. I don't know if the stress from the paranoia caused my illness but I am sure it made it worse. I have had 2 major breaks in my life. Both times I had a lot of outside stress but the first break, was shortly after I stopped my heavy use of the drug. I smoked about 1/4 to 1/2 ounce a week for about 4 years. I do not recommend smoking pot and dont feel its a good way to treat the illness of schizophrenia.

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