Cannabis Stocks Showing Explosive Growth 2019-2020

Cannabis Stocks Showing Explosive Growth 2019-2020 – RICH TV LIVE – SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 – DionyMed Brands Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2019 …


  1. I really applaud your dedication RICH for your channel and community! You are always making videos no matter when! Weekends, weekdays, anytime! Wow! Good man and good for you. Myself , well…….you don't see me around most of the time commenting etc, because I invest, but then take time off doing other things and hobbies as well! But I appreciate your work 100%! Happy Lab. long weekend holiday RICH! You have my like once again!

  2. I bought twice from OCS in the past few weeks I gotta admit for the prices I am paying online I can get twice the quantity with the same quality so unfortunately I won't be buying from OCS again until prices drop.

  3. Best stocks and best time to buy in? Hit it up with the good info i’ve seen so many good options but can’t choose!?

  4. Without the hype of legalization or any major catalyst. Look for these prices to go much lower. For those expecting edibles will be a major catalyst. I would warn them to be careful. It won’t be in full effect until quarter 2 of 2020

  5. We have seen all this growth means nothing. All companies in the sector are showing huge growth. However, no one cares about that. Which is evident by looking at today’s prices. Institutional investors and smart investors will not touch these until they show PROFIT!

  6. These bottoms are what millionaires are made out of! so sick! MAX STOKED! all these revenues gonna light up the sector in beautiful ways 💚💚💚

  7. Growth got it. Im gonna reenter the cannabis sector. One stock which one will it be for short term gains? ACB EMHTF CBWTF STLHF SHMP so many in this space are going to do well.
    4th quarter crypto will explode. MGI for sure and XRP

    XRP-The Standard

  8. buy now sell the day before cannabis 2.0 in OCT. Remember when we legalized it………markets went down it will be a let down when oct 17 comes around and nothing happens in terms of sales until dec. 17 .

  9. Good video big rich.
    Have a super chilled out weekend man ! Thanks for your dedication & time doing these video …… lets go champ !!!

  10. Read an article about the bottleneck of processing, LOL. If ramping up for ever increasing demand is a "Problem" All companies wish they had that problem.

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