Cannabis Pollen – How To Collect, Store and Pollinate Females By A Male

How You Get Pollen from male Cannabis plants and apply it to females, creating seed development. This horticultural technique of saving pollen and using it …


  1. This pollination episode is just a preface for the more advanced "How To Make Feminized Seeds" Breeding Tutorial so Subscribe real quick above, then check THAT beauty out if you feel ready for it! Or go back to the Breeding Basics video in the video description.

  2. Thanks, been playing around with breeding some autoflowers since that's becoming the most cost effective way to keep them and have been looking for ways to store the pollen for the next cycle. I don't think I collected as much as I thought but maybe a little bit goes a long way. Had mine outside so the moment I touched them, the pollen went flying lol.

  3. Hello quick question. Can Male pollen mess up ladies and clones that are still just sitting in veg? I'm gonna do a breed, and I will have vegging plants in the closet. Will they be ok? I heard only females in bloom are able to get pollinated , not vegging females, is that true.?

  4. I breed my own seeds and create hybrids. I use the exact methods kisted above. Great video! I will add the best brush to use is a suoer soft makeup brush! Super soft on the pistols and has never failed me yet!

  5. Can someone please tell me, if you use pollen from a photoperiod plant and spread it on a flowering autoflower female plant, will it result in female autoflower seeds? Thanks

  6. Should pollen be left out to dry after collecting or can it be stored in the fridge right away, my intuition says let dry for at least 1day after collecting get out any moisture?

  7. When using silicon packs can will the silicone harm the pollen? I've used a Vail collected pollen left it open for 2 days then I filled it with silicone beads From humi packs, I am a bit confused about people saying the pollen needs to dry before storage, any advice welcome thanks ✌️

  8. What happens when you have a beehive and the bees use the weed pollen for honey? Since honey is just bee spit mixed with pollen.

  9. is having a male plant a bad thing? does the pollen fly thru the air in cities to damage other peoples plants or turn them to hermaphrodites? How far will it travel any ideas?

  10. Hi Lex how can i make sure i get a male plant from regular seeds. Is there any way i can pick male seeds or is there a way to hermi a plant so i can get a male.

  11. I ziploc bag the pollen sacs.
    Bust em open in the bag, as not to disperse.
    Open bag and tie it snug on branch/buds to be pollinated.
    Shake and bake.
    Carefully remove!
    Label your branch if its cross genetics.
    In anouther room… remove the opened pollen sac husks and any other organics, close zip with minimal air left and store in fridge.

    Great vid, cheers

  12. Hey Lex..
    thanx for ur hard work…
    is it ok to use FEMALE POLLEN to pollinate a different Strain FEMALE?…
    Like.. use coloidal silver to create pollen from BlueBerry Female & pollinate an OG Kush Female… would the seeds have qenetic issues?
    Would THIS method cause More issues vs Self Sexinq (Feminizinq) A Sinqle Female Plant to HERSELF?

    Please elaborate on usinq FEMALE POLLEN to POLLINATE a Different FEMALE Plant of a different Strain.

  13. i want to say thank you very much for this video. it came in perfect time for new community project. JASP or the Johnny Apple Seed program. ill make sure to give you a shout out for the valuable info.

  14. way destroy female cannabis plants whith male pollen its just stupied are you soo shep that you dont buy real good feminist seeds than dont grow marijuana stupied ass grow your own hamp in stad its shit and no thc in that crap to hahaha fucking hippies lowlife trash!

  15. I saw a video of a Chinese farmer pollinating his apple trees with a small feather tied to the end of a stick. Doesn’t get much more precise than that.

  16. HI, great channel , one thing that i can´t find much informacion, should the polen rest for some days before go to the fridge to avoid mold, or just the one rice inside the package is enough and we can put straing way after colect in the fridge? thank you

  17. If you had 10 males how would you choose which one has the most promising phenotype? And what are the things you look for? thanks bro love these videos about breeding 👍

  18. Yeah Alex I do that little artist paint brush really touch him and put just a little bit of powder on the bud then I have made little bags from gauze to slip over the bud to help stop cross pollination I've done that since the 60s works well in a Bud matures you can buy bags for that for pollination bags they come in different sizes check online after pollination bags have a great grow day hehehe

  19. Love every video Lex I realize I could Google this information but, I like your voice and I like how you simplify it and love how you get straight the point in your videos.

  20. Can’t wait just what I need to know ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👊💯

  21. About feminized seeds. I can't wait to see it from an expert how to do this right. If there's a decent video out there from start to finish, I haven't found it. I have tried 3 times with silver that I made myself and failed every time. Watch the videos have my ppm calculator: silver size, amount of water, how long to cook it for and how often to clean my rods to get it around 40 to 60 ppm.

  22. I don't get one thing… how do you chose a male? I mean you can't exactly smoke it to figure out what kind of terps/high it will introduce in the offspring…
    Or are there criterias for choosing males that I'm not aware of?

  23. Thanks for covering this topic. I am currently trying to preserve some genetics. So I am attempting to make feminized pollen. Using colloidal silver, its not working day 14 there is no sign of male flowers. Nice vId. Thanks for content. -CE

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