Cannabis News – Weed You be My Valentine? | Ep. 334 | 02-14-2019

Joe Klare discusses a big merger for Harborside, sales figures in Colorado and more rhetorical garbage from Alex Berenson. 2-14-19 – Ep. 334 | The Marijuana …


  1. So if this guy is going to tell us that cannabis should be illegal because it is as dangerous as tobacco then tobacco should also be illegal, I'm sure all the tobacco growers and cigarette makers around the world would love that to happen.

  2. If you watched the whole thing you would realize that overdose death was not the main focus of the debate. Alex Berenson is definitely a prohibitionist and a moron, but the discussion around cannabis harms (outside of overdose) should be researched.

    Is Cannabis safer than alcohol, I would say, for most people it is, but just like other substances, it is possible that some people may be "allergic" to cannabis (for lack of a better word). We need to be able to have rational discussions around the negatives of cannabis (as minimal as they might be).

  3. Cannabis has never killed anybody you would literally have to smoke 10 times your bodyweight to overdose with cannabis the ld50 rating is astronomical

  4. I go to drum circle in Salt Lake City Utah there is a whole bunch of people of all walks of life I know a couple of people that are schizophrenic that use cannabis they calm down and it helps them it's a medicine what everybody come to the realization the Cannabis is medicine and it helps a lot of disorders I suffer from bipolar depression they use anti-seizure medication like Depakote I've been on that in the past it does not work for me for bipolar people they use cannabis for people that have epilepsy and seizures that means it's going to work in the same part of the brain that works for bipolar depression and schizophrenia it's a medicine look up the documentary The Scientist it is a very cool awesome informative cannabis documentary peace out have a great day

  5. I still smoke tobacco but it's all natural and I roll my own also smoke cannabis what I tell my friends as I got to smoke my cancer and then I smoke my anti-cancer cannabis has been proven especially THC to kill cancer cells look up Rick Simpson Oil peace out have a great day

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