Cannabis News – The Worst Part About Legalization is Government | Ep. 473 | 08-28-2019

Joe Klare discusses a series of cannabis burglaries in Washington, Sara Netanyahu’s thoughts on medical marijuana and the CA Assembly giving approval to …


  1. Israel has lead the way in cannibals study. They gave it to one Doctor to study about 30 years ago. He has study it for about 30 now. He has done a excellent job on it. Look him up there are many video's Dr Mechoulam, his studies are so good other countries have give him doctorits in there countries. Amazing man with amazing studies specifically on cannabis. Joe you should do a show on him..

  2. From ancient China to 420, pot has come a long way.


    In an effort to address racial disparity in drug arrests, the Jefferson County Attorney's Office will no longer prosecute people for possession of a small amount of marijuana when that is the only or primary charge.

  3. Jefferson County prosecutor will no longer prosecute marijuana possession under 1 oz in Jefferson county. Which is Louisville Ky. Where we sit, now are we still gonna get ticketed? Or no? Thank you Joseph 🌹

  4. So proud of Oklahoma andOKC, OKC has allowed parents to administer cannabis on campus for months. I'm glad California is catching up to us.

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