1. Gees Louise, Gee Whiz, it should be if you don't have thc in your system you should be administered some ASAP, like on the spot!…excellent review of article 2, oh my! Your the BEST Joe, yes fda truth, Thank you :-)!

  2. Hawaiian Always Been good . & Oils & Hash & if they need to do studies GO TO INDIA & READ The History they Have on Weed.

  3. Why worry about alcohol, 72% of car death victims has traces of milk in them. Maybe we should be looking more at COWs than pot smokers.

  4. "mass planned Hysteria. what causes real harm is blackstones police handbook which tells them it is ok to lie to you to make a false arrest kidnap and imprison you on Trumped up charges they skip right pass accusations which should be first before there is any charge. I'm no Lie'R.. I mean a Lawyer..ok a LIAR. lol…at commom law a peace officer has a star only and no uniform. That don't make me an expert…however." do i like weed? yes. but i am not ready to give up my car yet and walk to work everyday…it get's down to minus 28 in the winter time too cold out to walk. Think like a Blue haired 89 year old lady who can't drive but somehow still does. They have all the power same it will be for the canabis crowd if we can grow in numbers to effect real change. Hey anythings possible.

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