1. We are here to watch the overlords be over grown with the sacred plant once again! Grow at least one cannabis plant for Gaia & green love!

  2. im in Iowa its six months in jail here can we decrimianalize it or lower the penalty to no jail and a 5 dollar fine? youuhoo. hah? Kim Reynolds did what? shes retarded. you got to be cautious to be pro pot here its illegal to promote it. theyll charge you with promoting an illegal substance. lol .we need a new governor now time to impeach her.

  3. There's a new youtube video out today..NFL is considering medical cannabis use for players! They're saying cannabis stocks will soar if it happens..

  4. Yeah they are so cautious about what dangers lie ahead of legalization, meanwhile, many legal drugs with devastating side effects are allowed to flood the market unchecked, killing 100s of 1000s of patients.

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