Cannabis News – Missouri Medical Marijuana FAQ | Ep. 343 | 02-27-2019

Joe Klare discusses attempts to link marijuana to violence, cannabis tax revenues in California and frequently asked questions about medical cannabis in …


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  2. Violence is often linked with other things too. Video games . Music etc. And while I agree that younger undeveloped minds can be influenced my those things. That's why there is a age restriction (mostly not followed or I forced by parents ) I look at cannabis like vaping. It helps many people with a healthier alternative. I'm supposed to take Klonopins for my anxiety and sleep issues. Got addicted to them . Almost lost my family over it. Now. Now I just try to make it threw with the best coping mechanisms I can . Meditation Wich truthfully is difficult with little children up my butt lol. Prayer. Water. Less caffeine etc. It sucks. Would love to see if this could help.

  3. Cannabis calms u. Im getting my card. I'm skiso bio, depressant with PTSD .
    Chronic pain is right side of my face is titanium. 4 screws on my temple seems like I got a constant head ache. Cannabis helps with that too.

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