Cannabis News – Medical Marijuana Super Bowl Commercial Rejected | Ep. 317 | 01-22-2019

Joe Klare discusses medical marijuana stories involving Ohio, Illinois and the Super Bowl. 1-22-19 – Ep. 317 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. Yes, boycott the SB and Cannabis is the best reason to do so! Excellent report and video on this horrible state of affairs with the MainStream Matrix Fake CBS supporting Alcohol the way it does…. Sacred Plant Medicine is expanding and part of our NEW paradigm, start educating yourself today!

  2. Alcohol is the gateway drug. Fact. You would do things you normally would not do because it throws out all inhibitions when drunk.

  3. I'm boycotting the super bowl anyway. They wanted LA and Patriots because of big markets and the no Pass interference call with two refs right there prove it. Fuck them mf'ers.

  4. Cannabis is not a gate way to other drugs cannabis is a exit gate for pill and opiate users  that kill hundreds of thousand's every year

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