Cannabis News – Marijuana Activist Running for City Council | Ep. 367 | 04-02-2019

Joe Klare discusses local activism, medical marijuana in Texas and plans for record expungement in Los Angeles. 4-2-19 – Ep. 367 | The Marijuana Times …


  1. Poor dude I get California bud most of the time one time I got some Cannabis Cup winning Bud from Colorado and I got my mom's stoned I got her up more baked then she's ever been in her entire life Utah is at the crossroads of cannabis I had a laska Northern Lights once that was awesome after all of that my favorite but is still skunk I love skunk bud strains there's such a good sativa I think you should do a separate show with a different segment on strings and their medicinal and medical uses peace out man have a great day

  2. You need to make the Hat green if it's make cannabis great again make it cannabis colors dog green and purple then it would be dope

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