Cannabis News – Cyanide in the Vapes | Ep. 495 | 09-27-2019

Joe Klare discusses legal marijuana sales in Canada, more on bootleg THC vapes and concerns in Australia over cannabis law reform. 9-27-19 – Ep. 495 | The …


  1. Yea every body wants to have any amount of control over others even those they do not know. You the same bull 💩 concerning global warming, we prove it's get colder still they persist in their mockings

  2. They say THC can "Worsen" psychiatric symptoms they say. Honestly that hasn't been the case for me as it's done the opposite. But if that is true then it wouldn't cause it but for some it might speediate development of those disorders in people who would already develop the symptoms anyway. Idk just a thought. Love the channel BTW!

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