Cannabis News: Canada is Legalizing Edibles

Join us as we explain Canada’s plans to legalize Edibles. Please check your local and state laws in regards to current marijuana laws – for more information visit: …


  1. I am glad it is legal here in Canada now but that's just the first step, we will find ourselves in the same situation as tobacco if the government put high prices on inferior product for the "legal" cannabis. we have radio ads about the indian smokes supplying money to the criminals to arm them with guns…….. this is not true at all ( well maybe some criminals but you know what I mean ) . if you live in Canada I would suggest just growing your own even if you don't use cannabis ( give it to friends that do ) and keep the community friendly . rant over great content thank you

  2. I live in the perhaps most repressive nation in western Europe when it comes to cannabis. You're so lucky Canada 🙂

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