1. We are changes Jason bermas has his own channel under Jason bermas and he was talking about how New York decriminalized cannabis I don't know if you heard about that yet I've been trying to get you to pay attention to it but you have it I thought that would be pretty big news that you would be interested in peace out have a great day

  2. That's the reason why the government won't legalize cannabis in the first place is because it won't kill anybody this government is satanic and if it doesn't have an ability to kill someone they won't Legalize It BS they are in a death cult government that is

  3. It's not how many pounds of pages it's how many acres of trees did it take to make the paper that all that BS is written on it for no damn reason

  4. Even if Bernie or Tulsi were to be elected..
    I don't think federal legalization would happen until 2023
    – it's all about the votes & retaining power, not about people

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