Cannabis News – Bong Voyage? | Ep. 406 | 05-27-2019

Joe Klare discusses marijuana law reform in New Jersey, whether legalization is killing the bong and Dr. Sanjay Gupta on medical cannabis. 5-27-19 – Ep. 406 …


  1. I'm currently a patient at a methadone clinic. I've been a patient there since 2008. Yes, 2008. 11 years. Now I could never say that this clinic didn't save my life. It did. It got me back to work, and gave the tools I needed to begin my recovery. Over the years I got used to this new way of life and it was comfortable. I felt free. It gave me the ability and focus to get my shit together. Years pass. I try to begin to detox off this medication. Man, I would have never thought it would be so damn hard to do. You go down a little every week until the withdrawal kicks in. Then you stop. Or you go back up a couple of ml. Then I found myself in this battle of up and down. It sucks. So I decided to give it another try. Detoxing. Again. But this time, when I started to feel a little bit bad and I new the inevitable withdrawal was coming…. I smoked a joint! And WOW! I could not believe the difference. I didn't hurt! My body temp stabilized. (withdrawal symptom) I could SLEEP!!! I swear on everything I love…. that joint gave me all the confidence I needed to know without a doubt that I was getting off this damn drug. That was about 9 months ago. I'm at a dose lower than I've ever been before and I feel great. I will get off this medicine. Yes it saved my life. But I'm not free. Not yet. But I know, with using cannabis to help me cope, I'll be free soon enough.

  2. I've had several friends accidentally over dose and die from Fentanyl. I'd love to see all these people get off opiates by replacing it with cannabis.

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