Cannabis News – 24 Counts | Ep. 480 | 09-06-2019

Joe Klare discusses Trump and marijuana, a new poll on Florida legalization and a Mayor in Massachusetts who is a real go-getter…allegedly. 9-6-19 – Ep. 480 …


  1. The most dangerous risk associated with Cannabis is getting arrested!

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  2. I'm in Mich, love it here too. Keep trump in or look for more long fights.we are winning right now,even if it;s at a snail's pace. Great job Joe thanks for what you do.

  3. Some of us old people have been arguing for legalization all our lives, hey! But you are right: the older the cohort, the less support for legalization.

    Really, what matters is what you think, not your age.

  4. He promised the same shit in his campaign. There are bills in the House for States RIghts, but who will pass them? Trump saying he will sign a bill is dumb, he knows it will never pass. Get someone who will push this forward. Trump will not do it.

  5. It's not crazy at all. The Clintons are the biggest crooks in the world. Now Hillary is the biggest loser in the world. Lol
    Trump won't have any problem winning in 2020. Every democrat that is running is a total joke they are saw far to the left
    No working class family will vote for any of them.

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