1. So basically the medicine in the west that chooses to treat psoriasis ( which I have) with immune suppresants, ( which I take ) Is kinda shooting blind in the dark by doing this?

  2. is kind of keratosis than maybe psoriasis?I treat it with dmso, but it scratch a lot….I'm not shure if proceed. cbd cream is in anyway revolution…now where to get it,without getting persecuted….what a world is this!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I am able to get my hands on CBD oil with 8% CBD and 12% CBDa. It's priced at 30 euro per 1g though so my wallet is wondering how effective it really is as to treating psoriasis vs just being an immune system booster

  4. Good day Dr. Zajicek,
    Unfortunately I suffer from mild scalp psoriasis. The condition is noticeable enough to irritate me everyday but because I'm strong willed, I don't scratch it regularly. Also, my psoriasis doesn't really produce much of these so called scales and mainly occurs in the form of itchy areas. Lifestyle choices definitely helps me to keep the condition in check. I recently managed to procure some concentrated CBD oil. Tonight I have administered it for the first time. I believe my path to curing the condition has been strongly influenced by the knowledge shared in this video and I will meditate on it as such. After a period of treatment I hope to share my results.

  5. I live in Israel and I was diagnosed with psoriasis about a year ago. where could I get a safely and professionally made jar of this cannabis oil?

  6. i love you Doctor – My suspicion that my psoriasis was alien made (AKA -MICROBiAL VIRUS ) has now been vocalized and documented – I kiss your cheeks. Jesus bless you !

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