1. That was no coincidence. I have lots of friends that use cannabis cream and swear by it.
    I'm about ready to give it a try myself.

  2. I don’t remember if you have described this nerve pain that you have. I have something that’s like tingling in my finger tips not all just thumb, index and middle finger along with the feeling of coldness although my hands are warm. Is this anything like you experience? I’m just wandering if this cream might help that, see I’ve got arthritis in my hands, shoulders, hips and 1 knee that knee is bone on bone the other is titanium!

  3. I haven’t tried that brand of canibis cream yet but I’ve tried other brands. I too suffer with Peripheral neuropathy. I take 3 different prescriptions and 1 being an opiate. None of the canibis creams have helped me. I take prescription lidocaine. My pain is awful at night and much of the day as well. Sometimes I can’t stand a sock on my feet either. I even tried a canibis pill which didn’t help either. I’m miserable. I’m so happy the cream is working for you

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