1. Seems like a really decent guy. And what a career he had. DY is not a household name except in the bodybuilding sphere. He hasn’t been affected by fame except in a positive way. He is highly knowledgeable on life. Great documentary.

  2. Great interview, and even though sad I can relate to a lot said as there is more similarities than I thought. LOL other than I am no where near his shape.

  3. Can some one please help me out I'm trying to figure out how to get into these cannabis clubs in Spain can I just go in or do I need a recommendation or a membership

  4. 40:30 i broke both feet and my ankle. I actually went in the opposite direction. After 6months I got back in the gym lifting heavier and heavier. I started out light. But now I’m struggling because of the heaviness of the weight squaring. I noticed an imbalance at first but it’s improving and I feel a lot better when I train

  5. What an inspiration….Your humility shows experience of being a great man.
    Genuinely a great video and material. I'm honoured to have watched this….and have learnt much about life. Thanks again, I will share this with my Son too.

  6. "If i had the choice of a one bedroom apartment by the beach here with a bicycle, no car.. . or a 10 bedroom mansion and a couple Bentley's, I'd take the apartment here and the bicycle. Thank you very much" This guy has so much sense and wisdom, especially since finding himself even more so since his retirement. I wish him every success and happiness on the road to full enlightenment, what else is life about if not to find your true calling and happiness. Fuck a 9 to 5, slaving away on a job you hate, find what your passion is and make something out of your life, only one chance at this thing after all!

  7. I used to smoke hash around early 2000s some weed which was rarer at the times as a teen from 16 till 19 then I got big into alcohol clubs raves etc and at 33 not smoked it since I was 19 that was till I went to Spain and my little sister and partner bought me some super lemon haze hash and it took me right back to my youth although this hash was far supierior in quality to what we had in the uk the hash back then needed to be burned to crumbled (still got you fucked up same )lol sat on the beach smoking this joint all my tensions and stress just went sat there stoned relaxed the warm glow going through my muscles ahhh I miss that stuff wish id smuggled more back

  8. BRAVO and all your success Brian. PEACE! (Brother Bob) ✌ πŸ’™
    PS: LOVE Dorian…have since the 80's and NOW even more than ever.
    THAT it! NEW life GOAL….Smoke with Dorian Yates before i die. Peace Brother!

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