1. They trampled on his rights. That guard shouldn't be working at a hospital. I'm disabled, with chronic pain. I depend on cannabis to live!

  2. I'm so ready for a Civil War against our ISRAEL Sodomite oppressors.They own all of the police,courts,and doctors in America.Wake the F UP!

  3. The man does have every right to live He has committed No crime Where is the compassion in the police Arnt there real bad guys out there Who need to be dealt with Who are these police protecting or serving What they are doing is Criminal They will say they are just doing their job Time for a conscience check How much do they get paid to stop a sick man from trying to heal himself No amount of money could make most people do this They should all be ashamed This could happen to anyone

  4. Ya kno when I click on this video and I see the 6 dislikes I wonder who these cucks are this man is going through the most difficult thing and all he wants is to do his struggle peacefully and not have to deal with harrasment of police for a lil marijuana you kidding me.

  5. Get that fucking snitch Americans,if you know where the hospital is,if you see that fat fuck,get his ass!
    Fuck that fat fucking cunt faggot up,get that snitching on cancer patients cunt and fuck his life up,break is legs,his arms,his teeth,his jaw…break his damn fingers one by mothafuckin one.
    That is not a human being,he's not even qualified to be called an animal,that is a fucking demon!

  6. Okay people. Police can't search your stuff unless you give them permission, or they have a warrant (signed by a judge in good standing), or they actually see an illegal activity. A security guard doesn't count, a witness doesn't count. They have to actually see it themselves. They can ask questions, and they can ask to search. But they can't search without your permission.

  7. do you know understand why people call them pigs.they have no compassion for people.they are ready to take your pain killers away and let you sufer.these people are nothing but piece of shit low life scums

  8. Sue the crap out of the hospital. CBDs come more from Hemp same family as Marijuana. Yes you can make Hemp oil from Marijuana but it's not a potent as from the Hemp and only has trace amounts of THC. If you trying to get high then oil from MJ you take if you just want the oil Hemp is what you take. Coming to Big Pharma near you soon.

  9. Come to Oregon and I’ll supply you guys with all the RSO you need. Me and my wife used RSO to help her grandmother with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She loved it and was back to the old her within a few hours. Appetite increased, energy increased, happiness increased. I work in the marijuana industry, and if anybody would like to argue with me, I love to educate!

  10. Listen if I was a cop I get called down to the hospital for this type of ship I found out this man has stage 4 pancreas cancer less than I'd like which I'm not searching this man's bag policy does not a lot of time on this Earth been keeping stuff I'll Lottery results bulshit I'll just act like even if I do have to go through his bag I'll go through it and make it look good even if I do find s*** I'll just just make just to make it look good even though I did find s*** I wouldn't buy him a ticket I'd like nah I'd like a after everybody leaves in my yard here's my personal cell number when you get out I get off of Duty 2 hours with Meetup go for a burn run

  11. My father died from cancer when I was 10, this makes me sick to my stomach. I pray for your recovery, my dude. YOU do what YOU need to do to survive, fuck these assholes

  12. what the hell!!!!! you have cancer and you cant even smoke I joint? I under stand in the hospital but hospitals have rules that should NOT apply we pay them the hospitals don't pay us!  a hospital in Wisconsin I was at in 2018 broke my tooth out in surgery refused to feed me cause kitchen was closed refused to let me call out for food refused to give me my extra antibiotics then release me then call security cause the doctor called and was pissed I didn't get the extra antibiotics at 7pm at night.  tried to go through proper channels to make the hospital accountable but the state and the hospital work together against the patient.

  13. If I had pain from any terminal condition, I would want to be on huge opioid doses. WTF does addiction matter if you are in pain and have a few months left? Come to think of it, I’d probably want lots of the purple sticky stuff, too. They are not mutually exclusive chemicals. What the security did to this dying man in his hospital room transcends immoral and inhumane. Karma can be a harsh mistress.

  14. I want the pigs fired too, for an illegal search on just hearsay alone!!!! and them pigs proceeded to search without a warrant

  15. You show me a cop and I will show you a baby that will do anything to bring in 5 bucks to their precinct, including sniffing your dirty underwear for contraband!

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