1. Totally off topic… Fellas,
    imagine waking up with Ashlee Banks AND Trinity Chavez… As Beavis n Butthead would say…

  2. Popullation control in America happening now and you dont even know it, its in our foods and drinks and home products, nothing is safe too consume in america. The FDA is a joke and should not be trusted.

  3. ya no shit thats why organic products have existed. if ur retarded to eat generic crap u might as well just eat anything off the ground

  4. Sainsbury's is selling large containers of Roundup again. They removed after US court case but back again, please phone them and complain.

  5. The biggest point that these news reports leave out in the glyphosate roundup debate is that when this toxin was orginally released Monsanto promised that it would not persist in the environment, there would be no residue on vegetables, and that it would not bioaccumulate in animals.

  6. Given the shit is in everything you eat, drink, you've had an overdose by noon. White flour has the most Glyphosate in it. At 1,000(+/-)ppb this is an overdose of Biblical proportions. There is NOTHING we eat that does not contain high levels of Glyphosate, and most are GMO. Even "organically grown".
    It's leachedinto the ground. It's absolutely poured on plants, some plants are GMO to tolerate the amounts used.
    Here's something interesting.
    Glyphosate overdose mimics Gluten allergy symptoms.
    Rather than say food products have outrageously high amounts of Glyphosate, and other toxic chemicals in them, Monsanto (which owns most of the brands of food we buy) it sells Gluten free products as doctors misdiagnose the actual problem.
    The Monsanto name was drawing too much negative attention, so the decision to change the name to Bayer was made.

  7. Well,most peoples understand that alcohol itself are toxic,only that it’s usually takes a long time to shows up,studies had confirmed that regular wine drinking causes breast cancers and liver cancer,just like smoking,we tends to ignores its,everyone knows drugs are toxic that kills yet it’s never stops some people,their excuses?I ain’t not gonna lives forever.

  8. Based on few events lately, I figure most young american are now drinking non gmo, free range, 100 organic, non binary, vegan approved soy milk.

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