1. Hi Dan. I've been watching your videos for about 5 months now. Today was the first day I started trading Canadian mj on your recommendation. Great day to get into it! Kinda reminds me of crypto last year. I wouldn't have even heard of Canadian mj if it wasn't for you!

    So thanks for all your hard work and videos. Much appreciated!

  2. Great news all the way around for MJ. I took a position with $NEPT (this company sold off the krill oil manufacturing to focus on CBD oil back in February) and with the news and the fact they signed an agreement with $CGC they are up 90%+. Premarket still looks promising today.

  3. is it too late to get in – people here re talking about scaling out as it hits 45$ – I cant trade this from uk but can get in for a swing position

  4. Thank you. It’s such a pleasure to hear you talk with all this knowledge. Learning a lot. Holding over night position on CPC

  5. Great videos Dan. I live in Canada and have been trading these stocks since Sept but subscribed to your channel only a month ago

    Love your technical analysis. It certainly helps.

    For canopy, Bruce Linton (ceo) said that canopy will be all over USA if the law changes….currently, TSx can delist a company that has operations in USA as it is still illegal.


  6. Hi Dan, just noticed that at 0:18 of the intro your audio seems to cut leaving you saying "Achieve Financial Independen…."
    Hope that helps and keep up the great work!

  7. Now that we are in blue sky breakout mode… do you have any thoughts as to how high this could go before theres is a correction? How would you time your exit in a stock thats in blue sky breakout since RSIs dont mean much at that point.

  8. Could you just briefly delineate between WEED and CGC:

    1. Why are they distinct?
    2. What makes purchasing shares of one different from the other,
    3. Is there an incentive to buy/sell one over the other,
    4. Do Canadiens only have access to WEED shares and not CGC shares?

    Thank you – love your channel

  9. Hey Dan, I've held Canopy since $2.98 and have seen it go down 60% several times which I was OK with. This time I'm strongly considering getting out before it takes its next big dive and then probably buying up cheaper at some point. So my question is if you have a target? In my opinion $60-65 seems like a good exit price (using fibonacci).

  10. What’s your take on CANN? The triangle broke but went right back down . I assume the low volume has it being really volatile.

  11. BIG Discussion in UK about legalising medicinal MJ and obv the knock on effect of decorum th whole of the mj sector – interesting times

  12. Hey Dan not related to this video I have not yet watched it but thought that I should point out…..Someone replied to a post I made on one of your vids (and it has also happened to me on other channels) about a great (I doubt it) ETH giveaway you send x etc and 5 mins later you receive 10 times the amount. Pretty sure that it was not you who posted it so maybe worth a statement from you as a warning to all your peeps. Cheers J

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