1. Thanks Dan. I'm keeping an eye on NRTH given the upcoming catalyst of outdoor harvest news. First harvest expected any day now with YE earnings on 10/1 followed by second harvest (the bulk of outdoor crop) sometime in October.

  2. I also have a question on ACB. All afternoon on the 1 minute chart it was trading up and down 1 penney from $5.49 and $5.48. I've seen this before many times. Was that a large position entering or exiting so as to not move the price? Thanks

  3. You give such great advice. Even though this sector is bad now, the charting lessons you teach every day help for other sectors and stocks. I used your lesson on how to chart a falling wedge on another stock, which I sold at a small loss a few weeks ago. I realized the falling wedge pattern Friday and will re enter next week possibly. Another thing I will do better is use stop losses more. Very important to minimize losses. Keep it up, thanks.

  4. Hi dan!

    Been following you for 2-3 years now and will continue to do so.
    Any books you recommend reading that you think improves your trading?

  5. Thanks Dan, do you think the sector (bigger names) will drop 75% from the all time high? Some small names already did. Many downtrend of other sectors will end with a 75% pull back.

  6. Thanks for posting and sharing your trading plans and experiences.  I watch all your videos and one of the most important things I've learned is when not to buy.

  7. Why don't you ever chart Tinley Beverages? They are one of the best cannabis related performing stocks during the recent downtrend, and on a long term horizon.

  8. thx Dan great job on the discipline and capital preservation. You're right, may not be a day maker or week maker, but these types of trade are certainly winners and shows the knowledge and logic over emotion of a seasoned trader and why I love learning from you and watching these videos.

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