1. If you find yourself responding with anger to a posed question for thought, I implore you to think long and hard as to why your are having that kind of emotional reaction.

  2. I don't know why people even bother reacting to Dan's statement that he would prefer not to invest in tobacco companies. If you're feeling threatened by someone stating their personal beliefs, then just as Dan said, you need to take a good hard look at yourself and figure out why. Dan, I really appreciate your videos on a number of levels. Not only have I learned an invaluable amount of information that has helped me make a lot of money over the past few months, but I really love the way you encourage people to balance their screen time with non-screen time and to make room for the other important things in life. You exemplified this beautifully with your Iceland videos, which helped remind us why we do this in the first place. You are not just a trader with a YouTube channel… you are a true teacher.

  3. People seriously need to chill. Your TA on the MJ sector is invaluable. 99% of your viewers love your content. I for one started printing out charts, doing my own personal analysis and then watching and comparing it to your analysis. It's how I do my homework to learn trading. Please don't let those few jerks ruin it for you and everyone else.

  4. Tobacco, like alcohol, is not a good thing. However, smokers and drinkers do so by choice. I'd be more pissed if an industry that is a big polluter got involved in cannabis.

  5. Dan! You're the man. Some people on reddit said you might stop doing these videos become some online threats? I don't know where they're getting that from but please don't let it be true. There's a big community of people that really digg these, and I personally enjoy you adding your personality, thoughts, and travel experiences to these videos. Would be a shame to let a couple of assholes with illegitimate threats ruin that. All the best.

  6. All in all…Dan is a good guy. He is just expressing his opinion, we all have the right to do that without judging. Dan gives free content and I've made a lot of money from his information and more importantly, he's taught me much about the sector and reading TA…it's just food for thought. Take it or leave it. He doesn't deserve the negative comments, but then again…they are just expressing their opinions. lol GLTA Big day tomorrow! Do good things!

  7. I love that this question about ethical investing is being asked. It’s good to have a dialogue. I’m not an Aphria holder —- I also support industries I believe in through my investments and I avoid others. In this case – although I don’t smoke and am critical of the industry creating addiction to a carcinogenic substance and suppressing this — I would probably not divest because of the public awareness around the harm of this product and industry and the element of choice. I am more critical of the oil industry because of the damage it has done to the pllanet. However – – all this being said – – if I were invested in Aphria with its tobacco ties And if another MJ company invested or partnered with a firm that actively worked to bring more consciousness To the role of community and connection in our lives – – I would take all of my Aphria money and put it in that — and more— because addiction, whether it is to tobacco or alcohol or whatever – – I believe is ultimately a crisis of connection and ultimately a crisis of connection to Meaning in one’s own life – – and addiction is a pleasant distraction from discomfort and pain. So bringing awareness to this through MJ partnerships — I am behind that 😊I’m excited about how the world is changing and how new paradigms emerging —-and how we can all make a difference with how we invest. So thank you for this thought provoking question!

  8. Question Dan,
    If i'm holding APHQF and it uplists, is there a reason to sell the OTC and buy the US ticker? Or will my shares just be converted?


  9. Hey Dan thanks a bunch for all your videos, you truly have changed my financial outlook for the positive in ways I could have never imagined. Hope you change your mind about the videos, dont let some a-holes get your spirits down bud.

  10. Dan…funny I had the initial same reaction as you about potential Altria interest in Aphria…GTFO with a sell into strength. But then I thought that I invest in other industries like oil & NG because those industries are on the rise though I do have issues with climate change. So I figured a tobacco investment would be a win-win for both companies as big tobacco knows about supply chain, distribution, and product development…and maybe (like Exxon, Total who are starting to invest in renewable energy), they may get involved with their own disruption…which is actually forward thinking. So I'm good if that investment goes through.

  11. I hope your leave is a short one. You are highly respected and valued by the vast majority of us. Damn shame we are being denied your skills by a few.

  12. Aphria holder here, I think if cigarette companies can start making something that is less destructive and less dangerous to people that should be encouraged.
    Cigarettes are terrible because they have spent decades filling them with crap to get people addicted, cannabis has that from the start. There is no real need for added addiction-engineering there.
    Of course they can add to the addiction bit of it, but I feel that cannabis smokers (and people in general nowadays) will be very vigilant on that topic. Hopefully Altria will add money and marketing to promote a health alternative to their own past products.

  13. I sold out APH this morning at $18 thinking I would be lucky to hit that. Didn't know what caused the surge till it was too late, and it went up so fast I didn't even get a chance to think about cancelling my sell order in time.

  14. I would never invest in "SIN" stocks, however if they invest in Aphria to make healthy products that can benefit man kind.. I wonder if that would work. I mean i can trick myself into saying oh they repented! But we all know they are only in it for the money.

  15. I think it's GOOD to see tobacco getting into the weed sector. it will start a better path for them. and hopefully one day, their past will be left behind due to it.

  16. Dan, i like everything u say, helll of a trader,

    but youve been shunning Aphria and speaking against them forever. I dont think youve ever had anything good to say about them. Even today, the biggest day of Aphrias history, you have nothing to say but mention what has happened.

    Not holding shares in Aphria because of ALTRIA??? a tobacco company? I smoke weed everyday and sometimes have the odd cigarette but i never drink alcohol, alcohol s the cause of many deaths accidents and mis doings worldwide as well. You hold CGC.

    suddenly getting a pop upabout Aph confirming nothing?? The difference between Diageo was Diageo mentioned 3 companies, this leak mentioned 1.

  17. I'm not a fan of tobacco, pharma, or alcohol companies as stand alone industries. With that said, I'm long on APH and CGC. I recognize that the cannabis industry will have major investments from those industries. As long as big tobacco isn't influencing APH to put unnecessary additives into cannabis, which I highly doubt, I don't really see much of an issue here. And if they do, I will not consume the product myself and that's when I'll reconsider my long position. I'll purchase from local craft growers. Thanks for wanting to hear our perspective. Ignore the haters.

  18. I have many opinions on the question you posed Dan. For one, I’m incredibly open minded and completely comfortable with people disagreeing with me because I don’t take it personally.

    I understand and respect your ethical:moral perspective on investing in any company affiliated with tobacco in any way. We all have principles and our own personal experiences that help form those perspectives.

    For me, I don’t have an issue with it. I have been long in APH since my first day investing a year ago, it was the 2nd stock I bought. Politically, there are many ways to view it. Oil, money, alcohol etc., have the same implications of tobacco. Ruining lives, being unhealthy, killing people, taking kids away from their parents, fostering greed and inequalities—the deeper you think, the more corrupt the market is as as a whole.

    I also don’t think there’s much of a difference in trading and investing in these companies. If you’re morally opposed, you shouldn’t take money either way. That being said, I enjoy the way you make your viewers THINK. And as an intellectual and a person who enjoys debate with inverse points of view, I love being challenged to ask myself new questions.

    I leave here with not less, but more respect for you, and all the good you’re doing, even though we disagree on this one.

    I don’t comment much, but thanks so much for your consistent insight and transparency. By FAR, you’re my go-to for market translation! I watch daily and am always grateful and impressed. I’m sorry for the long-winded response.

  19. Completely off topic here, but that camera you use to catch these scenic shots at the end is amazing. Can you tell me what kind it is? Thanks again for your videos

  20. Dude if you're talking about divesting based on ethical concerns because of a tobacco deal in the marijuana sector… Please tell me you are vegan lol

  21. I'd have to agree. With so many cannabis companies to invest in out there i wouldn't go with one that's in bed with big tobacco

  22. I'm long on APH and begrudgingly accept the notion that having Altria as a partner carries a big positive of having that lobbying arm working in favor of legalization. Seems a bit short sighted though, as I don't see anything big tobacco does as "the future" of anything. I think an official move like this would move me more into a "wait and see for a few years" phase, where I'd have to do some real soul searching about whether Altria was taking good faith positive steps or functioning as a Faustian bargain.

  23. I feel supporting big pharma or tobacco industry is okay in short term but not in holding. But on a lighter note did anyone notice the Ape in the mountain range right near the end of the video? Around 15:14 middle of screen! Love everything you do for the education of stock trading.

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