1. After watching the debates last night , I think our country is in big trouble , these people are no leaders they are Globalist shills, and I want to know why the PPC wasn't there as from what I see and hear the PPC is the only party for Canadians………….not a socialist party, or pandering for special interests groups………….and the so called PM didn't even show up …what a joke..no what shame seeing this dog and pony show last night


  3. Trudeau, once AGAIN, interfering in the course of justice, REFUSES to allow the ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE, to interview Witnesses, regarding a probe into the Perversion of justice, in a potential CRIMINAL CASE???
    NOBODY CAN TRUST TRUDEAU, after this, he may go to jail, after the election is over??? In My Opinion!!!

  4. CBC are you ready to spin your bosses election call his way? You will need to try and make JT look somewhat capable while always finding the faults in Sheer. Your radical left wing reporting is about to come to an end so do all you can to reelect Justin. I will vote to have 1/2 of tax payers dollars to the CBC be given to Rebel Media.

  5. Trudeau kick going to spend money to the people pay taxes..I'm French
    Bring more immigrants..What Canadian people.Poor Alberta, going to broke law Quebec making

  6. There may be lots at stake for the Candidates free rides and all, but a way more at stake for the people of Canada – We simply can't afford 4 more years of this Folly.

  7. PPC – Maxine Bernier.
    Enough of incompetent globalists ruling the country.
    Sheer is a squealer, he'll squeal like a pig under pressure by the slightest backlash and he'll break his promises.
    Maxine wants to bring back Canadian values, expand the pipelines and gas/oil companies which will be good for our economy, free expression and protection from censorship , ending open borders , come up with real solutions for climate change, and making dairy products more affordable.
    Oh… and cut tax payers funding for CBC and other news media.
    Spread the word and search him up.
    None of these candidates are good for Canada.

  8. Scheer and Bernier make me physically ill. They should've implemented electoral reform while they had the chance, cause anyone who isn't right-wing but doesn't want to vote Trudeau's government (i.e., a good chunk of Canadians) is screwed. #democracy

  9. Let Bernier debate.. Trudeau won't debate, he's scared, he knows he will get destroyed. Let Bernier in the debate, what happened to this being a fair election…. BHahahaha as if…

  10. I cannot wait to get this dumbass out of parliament but I have zero faith that the next person will really make any difference 🤦‍♂️

  11. Trudeau, the only ""HEAD OF STATE"" to marry his former Member of his families Security squad????????
    demonstrates trudeau's inability to find someone that would love him more than he does???

  12. I don't feel it is a Wise move to allow ""Billion dollar contracts"" in an election year!!! and certainly not ""SOLE SOURCE"!Trudeau trying to overload the wagon for the next Government?????

  13. CBC’s first election without Peter Mansbridge (whom I’m sure he’ll be a part of the election night coverage itself, providing some historical analysis).

  14. carbon tax is simply a trick. Reduce taxes so paychecks look a little better and then take that and more away in small amounts from 100 sources.

  15. My beef with any and all elections is that I would much rather hear the candidates' proposals as to how they plan to run the country instead of besmirching their opponents. Can you imagine applying for a job at a company and the first thing you do is talk abut the person you are proposing to replace, how bad he is, what a bad job he is doing, how much better you would be? I am not sure the hiring department would seriously consider such an applicant. So we, the public, who are right now listening to the applicants so we can decide whom will we hire as the top public servant to head our country, must pay attention to this aspect, also.

  16. Ironically if Trudeau had passed election reform and was willing to form a coalition he would have a much better chance of staying Prime Minister… but he would rather conservatives win than share power with the NDP, he uses identity politics to pretend to be left wing

  17. VOTE PPC for the most honest salt of the earth candidates that will save Canada and represent their communities better than anyone else. Vote PPC.

  18. If you are excited to vote for any of these party leaders you are a fool, but I think its clear this election is about spiting the parties you hate most by voting for who you hate least… sad times in Canada

  19. We want the PPC in there heard too. MANY Canadians are sick and tired of being told who matters, who to listen to and getting the same old same old shoved in our face.

  20. Allow Maxime Bernier into the Election debates! He is a leader of a national party that is polling higher than the Greens! Why not include him unless you are intending on stiffing free speech.

  21. RED ALERT >>>>>>>> Do "NOT" believe any news coverage from CBC or CTV when it comes to any candidate running for election, especially Polls, Graph's and percentages.

  22. Nationalized news is not a free and fair press- the abuse is a threat to the entire world-stop socialist, corruption, opression, vote against Trudeau

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