Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

Want to stay young and live longer? Ben Greenfield at A-Fest Sardinia 2018 shares his tips with you for longevity and how to biohack your body. Enhance your …


  1. Some handy tips but don't agree with the don't mix it up, you need to change it up for balance increase, tone and firmer skin. Especially considering Ben is still so young, he should be mixing his work outs much more to keep getting fitter. Wouldn't say the guys he mentioned are older, most of them are in there 50's which is only the start of middle age.

  2. He's 37 which is still very much youth, if he was in his 60's and spoke about this stuff then fair enough. At 37 Creatine level drops would be extremely minimal so it probably wouldn't help much. Some of the things he brings up are excellent for young Athletes in there 20's and 30's and people in there 60's and older wanting to feel great again. If you start early though the maintanance later may be a'lot less

  3. Or, instead of wearing a 70 buck mask to pull on and off, you could go back to buteyko hacks and just block one of your nostrils with a bit of tissue. Then after a while take it off, then put it in the other nostril.

  4. There is no being on earth right now with a clean liver. Livers process toxins and because our world is so polluted the livers tend to hang on to the toxins to save the body they are in and wait to release them when its safe. Anyhow eating liver is consuming all these toxins. Its really insane. Please check out works of Anthony Williams for more info

  5. An absolute brilliant video with an exhaustive list or new and old techniques to enhance your life and health .Thank you Ben , i will definatley save the video for referring back too .

  6. This guy is an idiot take L-glutamine take amino acids take better care of yourself inside and the outside will show!

  7. Dive in the North Atlantic when it's 65 degrees and the air temp is 90 degrees. Pretty cool Rush. Thanks for this video Ben awesome stuff

  8. He is sharing is experience and someone who is seeking to optimize their body and mind would appreciate his advice.

  9. He has a good life. I am truly into what he’s saying, as someone who wishes to achieve my best in life when it comes to deep sleep and cognition and cellular function.

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